Wavicle Work: Engage your unconditional Love, Light, and Laughter to enjoy Liberation, Passion, Wealth and Right Action!

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A wavicle is a specific expression of your infinite Light and eternal Consciousness which may appear as either a wave or a particle: as a thought-wave or an I-particle. A wavicle is a conscious tension-flow or attention-point in the body of your awareness.

Entertaining a thought-wave or a bound sense of self is natural — it is through these creature-selves that your unbounded creator-self knows and enjoys your space-time creation — but identifying completely with any wavicle eventually brings discomfort and suffering as you forget your infinite and eternal nature and believe in limitation.

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Wavicle Work is very simple, and very effective. Rory easily shows you that you are already Awake, naturally unbound, and teaches you how to effortlessly give every one of your selves — each of your wavicles or creatures or “children” — everything it truly desires on the finest feeling level. The bodily integrity of your Love (dharana) draws everything and every one into a laser-like coherence of Light (dhyana) to Ascend as your devotees in a heavenly choir of ecstasy or Laughter (samadhi) here and now.

Wavicles are your divine physiology. Whether you call them memories, pains, desires, stars, angels, or other people — each is fundamentally the same, the Indescribable Wholeness collapsed into a thought-wave or an I-point, creating a unique spacetime story in your awareness. When Love brings all of your stories into conscious harmony, Light dawns and the Laughter of Paradise rings in your daily life.

There’s only One of us!

Disclaimer: Rory Goff is a spiritual teacher, and imparts knowledge and techniques which are spiritual only. None of his teachings and techniques is intended to be used at any time as a substitute for any services provided by mental, emotional, or physical health professionals, or by professional financial advisors.

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The 12 Rorian Archetypes

Applying the three principles of Love, Light and Laughter to the four elementary goals of Liberation, Passion, Wealth and Right Action gives the 12 primary Archetypes of your Rainbow Body: Your Yellow Creator of Radiant Passion, your Yellow-Green Enchantress of Ecstatic Wealth, your Green Priest of Loving Right Action, your Turquoise Fowler of Radiant Liberation, your Blue Planter of Ecstatic Passion, your Indigo Mason of Loving Wealth, your Violet Smith or Alchemist of Radiant Right Action, your Magenta Forestress of Ecstatic Liberation, your Red Hunter of Loving Passion, your Red-Orange Priestess of Radiant Wealth, your Orange Mage of Ecstatic Right Action, and your Amber Sage of Loving Liberation.

The Rorian Archetypes, Looking South up the Solstice-Spine

Left to right: Red Hunter (Spleen), [Eastern Equinox of Sacred Heart,] Red-Orange Priestess (Left Breast), Orange Mage (Left Throat), Amber Sage (Left Eye), [Southern Solstice-Crown,] Yellow Creator (Right Eye), Yellow-Green Enchantress (Right Throat), Green Priest (Right Breast), [Western Equinox of Sacred Heart,] Turquoise Fowler (Liver)

The Rorian Archetypes, Looking North down the Solstice-Spine

Left to right: Green Priest (Right Breast), [Western Equinox of Sacred Heart,] Turquoise Fowler (Liver), Blue Planter (Right Sex), Indigo Mason (Right Buttock), [Northern Solstice-Foot-Lotus,] Violet Smith (Left Buttock), Magenta Forestress (Left Sex), Red Hunter (Spleen), [Eastern Equinox of Sacred Heart,] Red-Orange Priestess (Left Breast)

Rory offers you powerful tools to Awaken, Ascend, and Administer all 12 primary Archetypes of your Rainbow Body. From the still center of your Sacred Heart, your full-spectrum Enlightenment connects you to the deepest Archetypal dramas co-creating your ideal reality, allowing you to appreciate the effortless fulfillment of your particular divine desires in space and time. Come get your “Master’s Degree” in Archetypal Administration! Rory offers the fruit of decades of research to harmonize many different branches of knowledge into a wholistic Unified-Field understanding of your world. The information is not just intellectual — you will probably find your entire person awakening into love, light and ecstasy in body, mind and spirit.


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