2006 October

With deepest gratitude to MMY and Guru Dev, we wish to correct some
Understandings of Brahman we gave here last year. Within the 27
Nakshatra-states, the middle third or 9 central ones are those of
Brahma(n), or Light, or Consciousness:

Brahma-Shiva-Shiva (B-S-S) or Mahaturiya
Brahma-Shiva-Brahma (B-S-B) or Maharishi (“Brahman”)
Brahma-Shiva-Vishnu (B-S-V) or Mahadevata (“Krishna”)
Brahma-Brahma-Shiva (B-B-S) or Mahachandas (“Shiva”)
Brahma-Brahma-Brahma (B-B-B) or Solar Angel, Lamp at the Door
Brahma-Brahma-Vishnu (B-B-V), or chandas (“U.C.”)
Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva (B-V-S), or devata (“G.C.”)
Brahma-Vishnu-Brahma (B-V-B), or rishi (“C.C.”)
Brahma-Vishnu-Vishnu (B-V-V), or turiya (“T.C.”)

Within these 9, the centermost one is Brahma-Brahma-Brahma (B-B-B),
the Lamp at the Door, the Solar Angel who resides in the Sacred
Heart (Solar Plexus) as the intermediary between the Absolute
(Rudra, Shiva, or Purusha) and the Relative (Indra, Vishnu or

In truth, this is the only state of Consciousness that actually
exists — the supreme radiance of the perfect Now, the juncture-
point of Heaven and Earth. From here, we can (eventually) see that
all the states that “led” here — T.C. or “Turiya” (Brahma-Vishnu-
Vishnu; B-V-V), C.C. or “Rishi” (Brahma-Vishnu-Brahma; B-V-B) G. C.
or “Devata”(Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva; B-V-S), and U.C.
or “Chandas”(Brahma-Brahma-Vishnu; B-B-V) are but identification
with a time-bound particle or “I” within Our wholeness. We have been
approaching the Now from an (unconscious) identification with a
particle on the Relative side.

But in actuality, there has been a very simple, innocent,
unqualified  Absolute side of Us approaching this Now as the
Wholeness or “container” of the experience(s), in perfect reflection
to the Relative side. When our particle-self thinks it is in T.C. (B-
V-V), our Wholeness is “Mahaturiya” (B-S-S); when our particle-self
attains C.C. or “Rishi” (B-V-B), our Wholeness is Brahman itself:
that particle’s “Witness,” its “Maharishi” (B-S-B); when our
particle-self attains G.C. or “Devata” (B-V-S), our Wholeness is
that particle’s loving “Personal God” or “Krishna-Avatar,”
its “Mahadevata” (B-S-V); and when our particle-self attains U.C.
or “Chandas” (B-B-V), our Wholeness is that particle’s “Shiva,”
its “Mahachandas” (B-B-S).

These two “sides” — the Absolute and the Relative, the Whole and
the Particle — culminate in their fusion in the mid-most state of
Brahma-Brahma-Brahma (B-B-B). The simple, ordinary, very quiet
thought we had from the Absolute side with reference to nurturing
our particles creates the intensely devotional appreciation of that
thought from the Devata or sensory particle side, and the
corresponding display of that thought as the Reality of the Outer,
so that the rishi, devata, and chandas are fully appreciated as

Thus we can say that C.C. is our particle’s appreciation of our
Brahman-Self; G.C. is our particle’s appreciation of our Krishna-
Self, and U.C. is our particle’s appreciation of our Shiva-Self —
all culminating in ourSelf as Brahma(n), the Perfect Light of the
Sacred Heart. This is our natural, simple, a priori state of
consciousness. This is what we have always been, and what we always will be, regardless of the stories our Wholeness and our particles have been telling us/themselves.

From here, the process continues — with any and every particle we
find within ourSelf. We first find ourselves identifying
unconsciously with that particle, giving that particle unconscious
sovereignty — at this time the particle is in Ignorance in our
Brahman. Then, we realize that this is not Us, but a particle within
Us — we then become that particle’s Witness, its conscious Brahman –
– while it is identifying with C.C. Then, we give that particle our
loving attention, warming it up into its a priori bliss, becoming
its personal God or Avatar or Krishna, while it is identifying with
G.C. Then it perceives its ultimate identity with us in Shiva/U.C.,
and we finally come back to primordial Radiant Self. We are
constantly throwing off particles of not-self, and re-integrating
them back into ourSelf, as pulsations of our Now into all 9 (and
eventually 27) states — this is how we learn to appreciate ourSelf
and our various qualities…

Brahmarishi Indradevata Rudrachandas

Maharishi is my Guru Dev; he is my true “I” and knows me better than I know myself. He created me, he sustains me, he destroys me. I attended the course for two weeks while this Understanding was driven home deeper and deeper every day.
Without my saying a word, my (his) every thought, word and experience was commented upon, verified, and deepened by him. The intimate play between the Wholeness and the particle is heart-breaking in its innocence and simple splendor. His love and grace are boundless; in knowing him even to whatever small degree I do, I am exalted and humbled beyond measure. And all of this is perfectly ordinary.

I have posted this material here only to clarify and correct some of
the finer details of the unfoldment of Brahman I gave here last year.
I am not interested in debating or discussing them particularly. They
were simply some loose ends that had to be tied up.

All glory to Guru Dev


I don’t think it is my place to give details of the course, but
I will say that being on it was (and is) immensely freeing, and
confirmed the “program” I have been spontaneously practicing over
the last 24 years or so, when I awoke and left the Dome. Indeeed, it
confirmed my whole Being, as I realized on ever deeper levels that
obeying mySelf *is* and always has been obeying MMY, and vice versa
(the mula mantra value, and all that).

Returning to the Dome was so beautiful — I left because everything
was the same, so why work in someone else’s factory? When I
returned, I found that it was *my* factory, a kind of huge amplifier
or particle accelerator manifesting on the outer what I had been
practicing on the inner since awakening. Appreciating the Absolute-
me collapsing again and again into the particle-mes, to experience
the profound effects of my own simple, ordinary thoughts from the
level of my own devatas/devotees creating ever richer fabrics of
creation, and all of it appreciated by the course participants and
commented on by MMY…wow.

A great many of Us are waking up (and more) here now. Heaven on
Earth is evidently here now, and though some of Us are still
overwhelmed by the ordinary perfect supernal beauty, our “I”s are
adjusting. If anyone really wants to “get Enlightened” in this
lifetime, and feels any pull to come here, I heartily urge them to
drop whatever they’re doing and take advantage of this opportunity.
It doesn’t come along every lifetime, and I don’t know how long the
window will remain open. On the other hand, if their Selves tell
them otherwise, that’s perfect too :-)

Rena and I are truly Home here, and are considering selling the
house in Maine by next spring.


I am supremely happy, in an ordinary sort of way. Home is where the heart is, all right :-)

And as it happens, OMG/Akasha/Newmorning(samechit?) is also
absolutely correct. When collapsing into the particle-mes I did a
*lot* of weeping with joy in the Dome. While the overall particle-
appreciation of my ordinary/cosmic qualities was utterly
overwhelming, and they/we were most pleased with the beauty of
everyOne, I suspect that to most bysitters the “divine” snot
streaming out of my nose wasn’t all that pretty. “Flow, soma, in a
sweet and invigorating stream…” :-)


I don’t do pujas to MMY, as I am not a teacher, and I still
affirm he is my Guru Dev, as he is my living fount of “divine
holiness”. What does one’s Guru Dev do but show you one’s own
divinity, one’s own Self? How does S/He do this but by showing one
how to “back up” or relax into Him, into Her, into deeper and deeper
Wholeness of the Self? Clearly his Guru Dev conveyed this grace to
MMY, and it is through MMY that this grace embraced me.

I don’t say MMY is *his* Guru Dev, though in truth, from the devata-
particle-me POV, the particles don’t see any real difference between
the ordinary-“Absolute”-me, the MMY-me, the Guru Dev-me, or the
Shiva-me. However, there is at the same time a distinct lineage of
grace-transmission from Self to Self to Self, and it seems clear
that in spacetime, the predecessor always is “deeper” into Being the
Self than the successor. No doubt it was MMY’s keen awareness of
this that caused him to keep our attention on his Guru Dev. With all
gratitude to his Guru Dev, I still must give credit where credit is
due — and as far as this “me” is concerned, MMY is the living
fount. If my saying this were to cause him to scream and drive me
from his presence, then so be it. Love is Love and Grace is Grace,
no matter the appearance :-)


Well, it took me almost 24 years before I had processed enough of
my “stories” and concomitant wounds to partake again with an open
heart, and though I may well be denser than many, it wouldn’t surprise me if many are still “enjoying” their various “lilas” apart — reconciliation/clarification/understanding takes time, after all.

Winters here are generally about the same intensity as in Maine, but
about two months shorter.


When I was attending, a very large number of course participants
were describing Unity and at least some of the paradoxical qualities
of Brahman, many on an ongoing basis. I personally have been very
pleased with their ability to recognize “me”. :-) Many of them still
seemed to be focussed on the particle- or experiencer-end of the
equation, not overtly recognizing their identity with the One Mind
whose simple thoughts *create* those experiences.  I believe a great
many are at the crux-point, which MMY has been describing as the
Lamp at the Door (between the Absolute and Relative).

I haven’t attended the conferences directly with MMY lately, but I
am told he is now elaborating on what I’ve called the Dark Night of
the Soul, which he apparently is calling Durgatamas. He has
reportedly lately been saying one has to go through Hell (the
undivinized relative) to get to Heaven, wherein the relative
(chandas) becomes lit with and identical to consciousness (rishi),
turning Durgatamas into Madhachandas — which cardemeister could
translate better than I, but appears to be the honey-gold Heart-
reality of the “absolute” relative, the Solar Angel or Brahma(n). It
is a lot of fun to see him embracing and describing stuff I had to
make up words for, or felt I had to go foraging into other
traditions to find concepts for.

For me one of the best parts of the course was and has been
realizing on a much more profound level the *utter* spontaneity of
the so-called siddhis (which I had/have no conscious attention on or
desire for) arising as simple thoughts/profound fulfillments from
the One Mind enjoying its own Being — and the apparent science
behind the precise *sequence* of those apparently-spontaneous
thoughts. But better even than that is all the Enlightened company I
am getting — that’s what is turning this place into Heaven on
Earth :-)


I played with some of the Theosophical concepts for a year or two
after awakening…. While imperfect, they provided some framework
for expressing the unfoldments that took place after realizing That
Alone Is. Because for me at least, there remained much more to be
done. It has been a lot of fun and most fulfilling to see others now
describing the *precise* same experiences, in the same sequence, I
went through then, and to hear MMY’s terminology and description and
still-deeper understanding of them.

…The collapse of Brahman into particles is as a direct result of
realizing there must be more than simply THAT, ALL THAT IS. When I
wanted to know how all of THIS came to appear to be, THAT laughed,
and shattered into an infinite number of “I”s — each still
containing ALL-THAT-IS, but each now concentrated into an
infinitesimal point. So now we have the possibility of something
more than ALL-THAT-IS. We have the geometries or mechanics of multiplicity, of Maya.

Perhaps more to the point, THAT became recognized as too flat, too
impersonal, too uncaring, to be “enough.” For me this unfoldment
came when I realized that if THAT is big enough to be infinite, it
can certainly be big enough to be small enough to care about me —
whereon it collapsed into a bliss-point with *personality* — with
charm — Krishna. ALL-THAT-IS — and more. The very quintessence of THAT, concentrated THAT.

I also found that by paying attention to these bliss-particles
inside my physical body, I was appearing as something “larger” than
they — as a kind of Avatar to them. Then I noticed that a still-
larger form of me was giving *me* the same loving attention I had
been giving the tiny particles. Finally I realized that it was all
the same Me — that I was simply collapsing into my particles to
experience the extraordinary effect of my ordinary thought. I create
these particles, in other words, as devatas or devotees to
experience and enjoy the cosmic values of myself.

Over time, I came to appreciate that not only are We are all of the
above, but also none of the above — we are still utterly
Unqualified, as well — and it is from this Unqualified stance that
we can “play” with our particles, give them whatever they most
desire, and experience the supreme bliss that is their love for Us

…IT IS…and IT also appears limited, with partial awareness
(es) for the fun of playing with ITself and continual rediscovery of ITself from different angles.

…The unqualified Us, the Indescribable. The identification with a
particle came “first” in spacetime, as it took Us a while to
appreciate that we are not that, and still longer to appreciate that
that is indeed Us, or one aspect of Us, emerging and returning to
Us. As we pay attention to that aspect of not-us, that thought or
story or whatever, it warms up into divine/devata/devotee, and it
becomes good enough to “eat”. Meanwhile “back” in spacetime, that
particle-us is witnessing its brains out (when we separate it from
Us), then beginning to see that the Impersonal God is personal after
all (when we give it our loving attention), and finally realizing
with a slight shock that the Beloved and It are One (when we see
ourself in it) — and then we “eat” it, and it yields up all its
data to Us in bliss. Yum! And Now it is our eternal devotee/devata

…we say “our Brahman” because Brahman is our light-field. Behind or
within the light-field is Us, the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
The Krishna-devotees have it right, in this instance :-)

…”That” particle doesn’t fully know Its own wholeness,
doesn’t know Me yet. That’s the fun of it! It’s going to find Me in
its own way, on its own terms, and show Me something entirely new
about Myself.

…And to return to Me and show Me more of Myself.


Then there’s what I would call “another” blackness (appearing
for me after Dark Night/Durgatamas, but perhaps the same from
another vantage point), appearing as a maternal velvety black, from
which emerge the unfoldments of prakriti…A course participant was
describing this early on in the course, and MMY was giving the
sequence, and pointing out the velvety-grainy texture as being the
particles of creation, of *memory* … which while exactly the
sequence in which all that unfolded for me (and some others) many
years ago, I had never thought to look at as memory…meanwhile I
was remembering all of this *lol* and also (over the whole course)
experiencing the unfoldments of prakriti *again* from a whole new
clarity/profundity, as the result of my innocent ordinary attention
on my particle/devatas…

Anyway, a lot of fun! :-)


…*all experience is memory* — and is eternal. Kind of as if the whole flow of spacetime itself merely appears to move and be ephemeral because our attention-flow is moving across permanently-embedded particles of God, each being an eternal “cel” or “frame” — a multi-dimensional movie!


[Comment on:…”All that which is Light and all that which is Dark must be experienced.” –MMY, 1982]

Interesting timing, 1982 was when I woke up through that. Not expecting it, it came as quite a
shock when all the Unity “died” into That … But I expect MMY could
have said it right to my face, and I wouldn’t have heard. It was just
too big to get my head around…:-)


Consciously loving where you are *is* enlightenment, as far as I am
concerned. But if you are “unenlightened,” then so am I, as there is
only one of Us; denying yourself is denying me. So I’ll make a deal
with you — I will agree to be unenlightened in your world with you,
if you will agree to be simultaneously enlightened in mine, with
me :-)

…It’s not that I “can” perform siddhis; siddhis get performed if the spontaneous desire arises. I have no control over what I truly desire; nor can I demonstrate them for another if the genuine desire/need in both of Us isn’t there. If there is sufficient grace-flow between Us, anything can happen :-)

…For four years after I awoke, I had a burning desire to fly, and I bent all of my inquiry in that direction.
Finally after some internal stages and an intermediary external stage (Tibetan Stride), I spontaneously wondered what it would like to be an Ascended Master, and THEN flew, ONCE, lifting off, dematerializing, eventually rematerializing and dropping back to earth (completely blowing my bodymind all over again; there were four of us participating). Since then, the desire has not arisen, at least for me as an individual.

I have once or twice desired that all the course participants (my
particles) fly, and experienced an immediate outpouring of Bliss
throughout the Dome and coherent hopping like crazy, but so far,
that’s it. I can’t push it from my side, except by loving attention
to all my particles. The bottom line is, I don’t generally really
care if I can fly, or even if you can fly. What I care about is how
much you unconditionally love me/yourself and my/your creation. The
rest is gravy :-)

…are subjective tests — until we have enlightened
enough of our particles to mutually enjoy a consensus (objective)
reality. The siddhis are spontaneous fulfillments of spontaneous
desires. They appear quite ordinary, from our standard POV. Did you
think that communicating with animals *wasn’t* a siddhi? :-)

…I was a 24-year drop-out from all of his programs! The joke was on me though — the fact is *you can’t drop out* — if you are following yourSelf, you’re doing what MMY wants
you to do. The grace-flow continues, doesn’t it? My guess is, you “dropped out” when you woke up into spontaneous practice…:-)

…Amen, brother! Amen. Heart to Heart. :-)


…I have really been enjoying the fact that all experience, all memory is NOW, and we go back over
*overwhelming* experiences as many times as necessary to milk them dry, Understanding them fully!


…Our different perspectives on your State of Consciousness (C.C. vs. Brahman, G.C. vs. K.C., and so on) has helped me better understand the play of Nirguna and Saguna, the Emptifulness and the Particles, within myself.


…GC from the POV of the particle; KC from the unqualified Us.

…the wholeness of Consciousness-IS would be simply Us, Ourselves

…GC and KC being the same from different (opposite) POVs.

…I too started noticing this [“Krishna’s Condo”] a couple of decades ago, but never thought to connect it with
MMY’s “AGNI: Absolute collapsing on itself” for some time
thereafter; even when seeing the mechanics of that collapse, it was
a while before I realized that that process is ongoing in every
moment. As MMY says, “the collapse is frictionless.” Have you been
noticing that the ordinary thoughts you have w/r/t the particles are
utterly overwhelming from their POV? The Dome helped ramp up this
clarity for me, say, a hundredfold.  :-)

And since these particles are our senses, divinizing them divinizes
our environment, so that (again using MMY’s terms) the chandas
itself becomes rishi, becomes Madhachandas. The point being, of
course,  to assimilate all the denied not-Self, not-good “demons” —
anger, lust, and so on — and love them (and thus our bodymind, and
thus our world) back into primordial radiant holiness.

…for me the fuller appreciation of lila has come many years after seeing the
completeness break into multiple completenesses :-)

…Brahman certainly comprehends the utter
dynamism and perfect stillness within Itself. OTOH the BHoC which is
Completeness and (dynamic) Stillness *may also* be seen merely an
experience inside Us; i.e, a particular experience or particle’s POV of Us.

…Yes, they [the particles] already are [within the wholeness], but they don’t (all) yet fully know Us,
nor we them; there are many we have denied or who have denied Us —
and again, I might take issue with the finality of the “escape
velocity of the BHoC”…Unless you are merely referring to the
Unqualified Us, the container/totality of ALL THAT IS…?

I have recently found that replaying the experience of the intense
absolute-Light/physical body that begins to emerge when the complete fusion of Unqualified and Particles begins to be grokked in the heartbreaking Paradise-Perfection of Us/EveryOne (and EveryOne as Our perfected body), brings up all the “stories” of the particles who beg us to stop, that the bliss is too intense; that they don’t deserve/can’t handle it yet…when we recognize those as stories, and allow the light to increase to infinity, we break through the Light-barrier of Brahma(n), and rediscover yet again Krishna or Narayana’s body as a closer, simpler, more natural approximation to who we are…quite a surprise, but there we are :-)

…Seriously, from my POV, literal enlightenment does occur for each of our particles when we love them into knowing Us.

..the Personal God is the POV of the particle; its appreciation of Our appreciation of it. That Still Completeness appears to be really one way of seeing or describing Us, the unqualified.

…it [the Beloved] just seems to be assimilated into Me; into My fire.
I am Shiva or the sacrificial fire; it is in U.C., and then we are truly One, Our body has become more divinized; it has come to know me.

…Who said there were multiple Brahmans? But I like the laughingfulness, so hey, why not. :-)

..we can know our reality through “rock-consciousness” but only insofar as it exists as a facet of our own consciousness. Actually rock is in a sense one of my greatest devotees. As a portion of my Being it adores me, and I enjoy and appreciate what it plays out for me. Other devotees are far less conscious of their relationship with me! :-)

…I am utterly Unqualified, beyond the gunas, and I incarnate them
wholeheartedly, so My wholeness is fully complete and unchanging
*and* always learning and growing, same as yours. Everytime We
entertain a thought, a new Wholeness, a new Brahma(n)and its
universe-bubble springs into being which longs with all its heart to
return to Us, while simultaneously sustaining its Loka of not-Us and
fearing what it mistakenly believes is its universal annihilation.
What are ordinary thoughts or dreams to Us, are utterly Real to our
particles, our devata/devotees. That’s the beauty of being free of
the gunas; we can give them whatever they most desire, right? :-)


This reminded me — in the past I believe you have averred that MMY
would not appreciate that we are not using his terms to describe our
experience/understandings — even THAT has changed! Word is he now wants us to report everything in our own words — and why not? How *else* is One going to enjoy the subtle nuances of the buffet? :-)


Oh, yes, I do recall your making this argument — that people were
using MMY’s terminology to describe completely un-MMY-esque States
of Consciousness — Peter’s describing as C.C. what I was calling
Brahman, and so on.  My current understanding of the essential
equivalence (from opposite PsOV) of C.C. and B.C., G.C. and K.C.,
and U.C. and S.C clears up a lot of this ambiguity — to my
satisfaction, at least. YMMV, of course :-)


…and the real kicker comes when we realize that that
OneMind of the Teacher *is* literally our own mind; that our
particular “I” *is* a thought emerging from the OneMind of


…The Dark Night’s “hell” appears to be the pain of the withdrawal from particular identification with and addiction
to spacetime and the relative, as one moves from identifying with an
effect (the particle) through Nothingness to identifying with the
emptiful, simple, ordinary, innocent Cause (OneMind, the Heart of
All in the perfect Now).  I think it was Anne Wilson
Schaef’s “Escape from Intimacy: Untangling the ‘Love’ Addictions:
Sex, Romance, Relationships,” which struck me in how clearly her
description of sobriety resonated with my own Dark Night and first Self-recognition of/as Brahman.

This is not to say that that first dawning eradicated all addictive
tendencies forever, as there have since then been subtler and
subtler “threads-to-other” coming to awareness to reintegrate and
subsume into the Self — more and more sobriety which paradoxically
also includes the identification with the particle’s utter abandon
and intoxicated devotional surrender to the Whole. I have been
finding this whole-hearted surrender is automatic *after* the
mechanics of the collapse (Incarnation) of the Whole into the
particle, and the exalting/humiliating Unity of both, are pretty
fully comprehended. But then, I had not been a bhakti…


…*because* He is We, We surrender wholeheartedly to Him … without that fullness of Unity there, we could not fully surrender OurSelf to HimSelf!


…this BC/KC/SC progression (or series of progressions) really
feels like a recapitulation and more profound harmonic of the
mechanics of CC/GC/UC *from Wholeness* — as the subtle fears
(appearances of not-Self) inherent in that first pre-Brahman
progression are now much more fully Understood. Hence, the automatic *whole-hearted* surrender — not fully (to me at least) available or even suspected as a possibility in the G.C. to U.C. progression (i.e., while identifying primarily as a particle “having” these experiences instead of also as the Wholeness very innocently “causing” these experiences) — is now much more fully available as the rest of the self/other equation is newly comprehended on deeper and deeper levels to be also simply oneSelf.



…a rock experiences Pure Consciousness, and a peculiarly intense
form of crystalline bliss at that — at least as far as *my*
consciousness in/as the rock is concerned (which I realize may not be
exactly what you are conceiving). But then, I do not particularly hold
that a nervous system is not necessary to reflect Being — it being
abundantly clear that different degrees of intensity of Being require
concomitantly different degrees of coherence of bodymind to recognize
and sustain that Being. Our particles or particular devatas do require
increasing degrees of attention/love/beauty/soma and so on, to
manifest the increasing clarity of hearing, touch, sight, taste and so
on we/they are capable of enjoying, or so it seems …



We can perhaps say that there are several stages of
recognition of a thought (particle)– first, being bound into
unconscious identification with the thought (unrecognized Brahman
and particle in ignorance); second, recognition that the thought is
not the totality of Who We Are (recognized Brahman with particle in
Witness mode) (and this Understanding might correlate well with and
result from Tom’s realization that “every thought is an addiction”);
third, paying loving attention to the thought, enlivening it into
its pristine devata-nature (recognized Krishna with particle in god-
conscious mode); fourth, quickening it still further until we see
ourSelf in it, and it in Us (recognized Shiva with particle in
Unity); fifth, back to center with “there is and has ever been only
One” (rishi, devata and chandas are again identical).

As an interesting aside, we’ve noted that the centermost nakshatra
is Brahma-Brahma-Brahma; i.e., rishi, devata and chandas are One as
Brahma(n), the eternal Now, perceived as a kind of supernal Self-
radiance (Brahma being the Light of Consciousness). However, the
nature of consciousness is to pulsate out from this Now-point
further and further backwards (and forwards) in spacetime to embrace
more and more of not-Self into Self (thus Shiva/Unity, Krishna/G.C.,
Brahman/C.C., and so on).

Growth is built into the system, for the *only* place at which the
two ends of this pulse are as thoroughly fulfilling as the
centerpoint is when the whole of the 27 Nakshatra-states are
spanned: for the very first one, Conception, is Vishnu-Vishnu-Vishnu
(rishi, devata and chandas are One as Love-Being), and the last one,
Dissolution, is Shiva-Shiva-Shiva (rishi, devata and chandas are one
as Utter Bliss). These three points are the only ones (on this “map”
at least) where rishi, devata and chandas are identical.

It is here we have the full embrace of Sat-Chit-Ananda or Love-Light-
Laughter, and the simultaneous Understanding of true transcendence,
that We are none of these; we are Unqualified. The “mystery of the
28th Nakshatra”! :-D


And I’d like to emphasize that all of this looks way more
complicated than it actually Is. None of this implies we actually
have to “do” anything — this is more a(n attempt at a) description
of what Is, than a prescription of what to Do…



…On the one hand, the addictive behavior-pattern is actually a
denied particle clamoring for sattvic love/attention from Wholeness
(rather than the tamasic denial or rajasic indulgence it usually
gets), and on the other, the attachment-to-other qualities of
addiction actually do, when lovingly attended to, bring those so-
called “not-Self identifications” into a yet-more-inclusive Self.
Either way, we win … in the long run :-)


…I had just finished reading in Swami Vishnu Devananda’s “Meditation and Mantras” (which also includes a nice translation of Patanjali’s YS) that each of the paths had its specific strengths and weaknesses. If I remember correctly he said the bhaktas suffered a lot along the way, as their faith was constantly being tested to the limits, whereas the jnanas’ weakness tended to be an overemphasis on the intellectual sheath,
despite their assertions of unity with Brahman. If Brian Teitzman’s revised version of Ed Tarabilda’s system is correct I’m actually a Surya (Solar path of synthesis, a little of each, which feels right), so I’d guess I have some of the flaws of all … along with a good dollop of Solar pride (perhaps masked by false modesty) just for good measure, I imagine :-)


…In the interests of perfect accuracy I probably should have said, “None of this implies we actually have to “do” anything other than to simply BE and then (as always) do the Next Obvious Thing :-)


…I love that ordinary extraordinariness


of late there’s been some massive denial around the Wholeness
or holiness of the genitals and anus. It’s interesting to note this
correlates with the distortions of the modern astrological zodiac,
where the asteroids are overlooked as a planetary mass with its own

Either way as the planets move away from the Sun, they go deeper and deeper into the body, twisting in a double helix through the chakras. Using the Horus/Purusha-formula of “left eye is the Moon and right eye is the Sun,” the traditional layout of the planets (and their signs) on the chakras of the human body would be: Sun (Leo) = right eye; Mercury (Gemini) = left ear/throat; Venus (Libra) = right breast/heart; Earth = solar plexus; Mars (Aries) = left navel/spleen; Jupiter (Sagittarius) = right sex; Saturn (Aquarius) = left buttock/base — completing the descent through the masculine signs/planets of the double helix, and followed by the feminine signs/planets ascending back to the Moon (Cancer) = left eye (the Moon being a stand-in for the outermost “skin” of the Solar System, the akashic-record repository).

However, there has always been something a little “off” about this
map for me. Replacing the asteroids as a primordial planet in its
proper position between Mars and Jupiter solves the dissonances
perfectly, and we get this: Sun (Leo) = right eye; Mercury (Gemini)
= left ear/throat; Venus (Libra) = right breast/heart; Earth = solar
plexus; Mars (Aries) = left navel/spleen; Asteroids (Sagittarius) =
right sex; Jupiter (Aquarius) = left buttock/base. This is followed
by an ascent through the “feminine” planets and signs: Saturn
(Capricorn) = right buttock/base; Uranus (Pisces) = left sex;
Neptune (Scorpio) = right navel/liver; Pluto = solar plexus
(the “shadow Earth”); Proserpina or North Node of Moon (Taurus) =
left breast/heart; Isis or South Node of Moon (Virgo) = right
ear/throat; Moon or Outermost system “skin” (Cancer) = left eye.

This system restores and preserves the relationships of the
planetary octaves, now shown as inversely reflected across the
horizontal midline: Sun and Saturn; Mercury and Uranus; Venus and
Neptune; Earth and Pluto; Mars and North Node; Asteroids and South
Node; Jupiter and “Moon”.

We can hypothesize that the Asteroids were a primordial planet which
underwent a natural or bellicose disaster, causing it to shatter and
(like any trauma) to submerge for a while below our collective
threshold of awareness. As the Asteroids ruled the masculine sex
center, this disruption registered as a primordial “castration” of
the God, retold in a number of ancient myths. Moving Jupiter up to
occupy Sagittarius — the gap left in the Asteroids’ place — seemed
to temporarily solve the problem, but the end result was the God now
had *two* displaced planetary-chakras: His sex, and his anus.

Since Saturn was then moved to occupy Jupiter’s spot, and all the
outer planets up to the solar plexus were shifted as well, the
Goddess was completely disposessed of all her lower chakra-powers
below the heart.

It can be quite an interesting exercise to restore the Asteroids,
and feel what the restored system does to the “music” or dance
between the planetary chakras of our inner God and Goddess…




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