2010 February

Dear Rick,

Many thanks. On quick perusal, the discussion you mention looks like the same claim _____ brought up on FFL a few years ago, as he repeats his assertion that someone actually videotaped the interaction I had with Robin Carlsen in October 1982 (which I described on rorygoff.com, http://rorygoff.com/open/rory-goff-a-spiritual-autobiography/1980-%e2%80%93-1982-initiation-4-crucifixion/). If so, it’s news to me. I recall no cameras there, and the group was relatively intimate, say 20 people, sitting around in a typical Fairfield Victorian parlor or living-room. But who knows? I could be wrong. Like Alex, I wouldn’t mind seeing that particular interaction on tape, though unlike Alex I wouldn’t consider it worth paying for :-)

I did not know Robin Carlsen well. I was not looking for yet another guru and was not one of his followers. I attended only two or three of his meetings, and spoke with him probably three times in all: twice very briefly and once at more length, at the interaction I described above. So I am certainly no Carlsen expert, but at least in my brief exposure to him I never saw anyone undergoing, as _____ puts it, “the most bizarre contortions while undergoing Carlsonian exorcisms, some like [sic] they were being dragged across the room by some unknown force.” In my admittedly limited experience I found Carlsen himself to be generally spontaneous, engaging, compassionate, honest, lively, enthusiastic, dramatic, and funny; his followers for the most part seemed quiet, reverent, and both unassuming and uninspiring.

While I would probably be more cautious now in my judgment, at that time I did feel Robin evidenced possible imbalance both in a self-aggrandizing guruism and in an apparently-fearful focus on the “resistance” of the demonic. (Though sometimes horrific, the demonic I understood and still understand to be nothing but aspects of our own denied or rejected shadow-Archetypes — it is not actually resistance at all, but Self or God-essence or Love denied. It is the natural result of the “Not-Me” thought which precipitates one from Shiva or Post-Brahmanic Cosmic Consciousness “down” to Krishna or Post-Brahmanic God Consciousness as one churns the galactic ocean, refuses to drink the Dark-matter “Not-me” Tamasic poison, slings it on someone “else” and takes sides and indulges in a divine/demonic dream.) But I also found Robin’s razor-sharp and brilliantly compassionate attention at that meeting freed me from an unconscious identification with an age-old suffering small-self identity, and paved the way for Totality to remember ItSelf as the perfection it has always been. For that I shall always be grateful to him — as I am to everyone of Us, when I consider what perfect masters we all have always been in showing ourselves exactly what we most need to learn in each moment.

Feel free to post this on FFL if you like…

All Love, Light, and Laughter to All of Us Always and All-ways!


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My pleasure, Rick, and thanks for posting my response!

I noticed that my spelling of “Carlsen” was corrected to “Carlson” on FFL. In the interest of accuracy you may want to change it back. I believe I misspelled his name as “Carlson” in my autobiography; it generally appears online as “Robin Woodsworth Carlsen”.

Also, for the record, I would like to add that both my then-assessment of Carlsen as “imbalanced” and of Carlsen’s followers as “uninspiring” reflects far more on me and my own psychological space at that time, than it does on them — as do all of my assessments of everyone. There is only One of Us here.

Feel free to post this too, if you like — or not, as you please…


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