c. March 23-25

c. March 23-25: Now is a great time to integrate jealous obsession and addictive fear into prosperous seeking and devotional sacred-space. It’s the 2nd uncial of Treasure-Month, and the Turquoise Fowler or Seeker comes to the Abbess’ Treasure Tower and presents the sacred crane to the Throne Archangel Raphael and the Ancestral Manes, and in return receives her bronze vessel of immortality. Now we celebrate the Red-Orange Diviner’s accession to her Tower Throne, and now her mother the Fowler dies by a fatal wound to the liver: the second of the dark Archetypes to pass away as we move further into the light half of the year. This is the third and final uncial of the Triple High Holiday of Mid-Sping Equinox.

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