c. March 6-7

c. March 6-7: This is a good time for following our bliss, and for healing love and relationship addictions! Now is the Epiphany of the Red-Orange Diviner, Priestess or Lover. It’s the 7th Uncial of Beast-Month, and the second half of the High Holiday of Early Spring: The Red-Orange Diviner or Lover comes of age now; s…he offers the treasure of divine timing — the Horned Altar of the Eternal Flame — to the Dynamis and the World Dragon, and receives her sacred animal, the tawny Bull. Recommended reading: Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks, “Conscious Loving: The Journey to Co-Commitment,” Anne Wilson Schaef’s “Escape From Intimacy: The Pseudo-Relationship Addictions – Untangling the ‘Love’ Addictions, Sex, Romance, Relationships”.

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