c. April 15-16

c. April 15-16: A good time to integrate jealous pride and addictive solipsism into prosperous creativity and devotional imagination. It’s the 11th uncial of Treasure-Month, and the Yellow Creator comes to the Abbess’s Treasure-Tower and presents the sacred star-knowledge of the Constellation of Taurus to the Archangel Raphael and the Ancestral Manes, and in return receives his Atha-Mei, the Blazing Lance: The Treasure-Siddhi of Faithful Fortitude, providing knowledge of the Celestial dimensions. The Atha-Mei is a symbol of the “Sun” Siddhi. (For the Dimensions of Taurus and the Atha-Mei, see the 3 O’Clock positions on the High Priestess card.)

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