c. April 17-19

c. April 17-19: A good time to integrate jealous forgetfulness and addictive denial into prosperous memory and devotional optimism. It’s the 12th and last uncial of Treasure-Month, and the Yellow-Green Enchantress comes to the Abbess’s Treasure-Tower and presents the sacred Hypo-Ionian Mode of Music to the Archangel Raphael and the Ancestral Manes, and in return receives her Atha-Failh, the Necklace of the Elders: The Treasure-Siddhi of Hopeful Providence, providing knowledge of space-travel and the primordial vibratory signature (“language”) of all beings. (For the Hypo-Ionian Mode and the Atha-Failh, see the 4 O’Clock positions on the High Priestess card.)

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