c. April 28-30

c. April 28-30: Now is a great time to integrate lying lust and denigrating tyranny into true husbandry and magical electrical growth. It’s the fourth uncial of May-Month, and the Blue Planter comes to the Isle of Magic and presents the sacred Asphodel, Daffodil or Naricissus to the Archangel Eremiel and the Elven Queen, and in return receives his magical name of JU: the primordial vibration of electric fire and pranic growth. Now we celebrate the death of the Blue Planter and the erection of the Maypole to conduct his magical seed spiralling into the earth like maypole streamers of bright blue sparks… And now we celebrate the accession of his son, the Orange Mage, who gains his throne at this High Holiday of Early May. (For the Daffodil and the Name of the Planter, see the 6 O’Clock Positions on the Mage’s card.)

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