c. April 7-9

c. April 7-9: Now is a great time to integrate addictive jealousy and greedy fear into the pure devotion of love, prosperity, and the perfection of one’s own sacred space. It’s the 8th uncial of Treasure-Month, and the Red-Orange Diviner or Abbess comes to her Treasure-Tower and presents the sacred Tablet or Magical Gameboard to the Archangel Raphael and the Ancestral Manes, and in return receives her Great Seal of the Double Pentangle: The Treasure-Siddhi of Faithful Prudence. Now we celebrate the Coronation of the Red-Orange Diviner with her Mural Crown, along with the Ascension of her mother the Turquoise Fowler who now completes her search for her Ovum and her Om: the Cosmic Easter Egg of the Universal Body of Sacred Space. This is the second and last uncial of the High-Holiday pentad of Late Spring, or Primordial Easter. (For the sacred Tablet or Gameboard, the Double Pentangle, and the Mural Crown, see the 12 O’Clock positions on the High Priestess card at left.)

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