c. May 11-12

c. May 11-12: A good time to integrate lying jealousy and denigrating addiction into true gratitude and magical devotion, perfection and prosperity. In this ninth uncial of May-Month, the Red-Orange Diviner (aka the Abbess, Lover and High Priestess) comes to the Isle of Magic and offers the sacred Caduceus, the Treasure-Siddhi of vibratory magic (herald’s staff, magic wand, and Maypole), to the Archangel Eremiel and the Elven Queen, and in return receives her magical name of ThA: The primordial vibration of Siddhartha Buddha, the Intuitive finest-feeling realm of perfect abundance. (For the Caduceus and the Name of the Diviner, see the 11 O’Clock Positions on the Mage’s Card.)

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