c. May 13-15

c. May 13-15: Now is a great time to integrate lying denigration, both of self and of other, into our highest truth and deepest magic! It’s the tenth uncial of May-Month, and the Orange Mage comes to his own Isle and offers the magical Name of VE to the Archangel Eremiel and the Elven Queen, and in return receives mastery of blissful vibration, of all magical names in all tongues. It’s Late May, the 4th and last High Holiday of May, and now we celebrate the Coronation of the Mage, as well as the Ascension of his father the Blue Planter, representing the complete sublimation of all lust and tyranny into cultivation and growth. This is primordial Pentecost, exactly 50 days (20 uncials) after the Equinoctial Crossing or Crucifixion of the Red Hunter at Primordial Easter. (For the Magical Names of the Mage, see the 12 O’Clock Positions on the Mage’s Card.)

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