c. May 18-20

c. May 18-20: A good time to integrate lying pride and denigrating egotistic solipsism into truthful imagination and magically illuminating creativity. It’s the twelfth and last uncial of May-Month, and our Yellow Creator comes to the Isle of Magic and offers the Constellation of Gemini to the Archangel Eremiel and the Elven Queen, and in return receives his magical Name of BI, the primordial vibration of Brahm/Abraham, illuminating the I AM star-point-self(s). This is the first of the two Yellow Gates of Summer (in the northern hemisphere), which officially begins on the night of the 20th-21st! (For the Star-geometry of Gemini and the Magical Names of the Creator, see the 2 O’Clock Positions on the Mage’s Card.)

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