c. May 21-23

c. May 21-23: Now is a great time to clarify elitist pride and dogmatic egotism into dispassionate imagination and wise creativity. It’s the first uncial of Planet-Month, and our Yellow Creator comes to the Isle of Spheres and offers the Constellation of Cancer to the Archangel Myrrhael and the Peri Queen, and in return receives his planetary sphere of the Sun, as the Golden Person in the right eye. At this time the Yellow Creator becomes engaged to the Amber Sage, whose month this is, and slays his father the Violet Smith by a lance-wound to the heel or the buttock, transmuting the Smith’s imbalanced guilt into responsibility. This is the last of the two Yellow Gates of Summer, which officially begins today! This is the High Holiday of New Summer, Summer-Start, or True Beltaine. (For the Star-Geometry of Cancer and the Planetary Sphere of the Sun, see the 1 O’Clock Position on the Sage’s Card.)

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