c. May 5-7

c. May 5-7: Now is a great time to integrate lying hurt and denigrating betrayal into true forgiveness and magical community. It’s the seventh uncial of May-Month, and the Magenta Forestress walks upon the Isle of Magic and presents the sacred tree of Maythorn to the Archangel Eremiel and the Elven Queen, and in return receives her magical name of SHU: the primordial vibration of the world-tree. Now at this High Holiday of Full May we celebrate the Forestress’s Ascension, a fortnight after her fatal wounding, as well as the marriage of her daughter the Enchantress to the Orange Mage a fortnight after her betrothal. (For the Maythorn and the Name of the Forestress, see the 9 O’Clock Positions on the Mage’s card.)

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