ca. June 19-20

ca. June 19-20: Now is a great time to clarify elitist dogmatism into the living waters of dispassionate wisdom. It’s the twelfth and last uncial of Planet-month, and our Orange-Yellow Sage comes to her own Amber Isle of Spheres and offers the Sphere of Wisdom, the Moon, to the Archangel Myrrhael and the Peri Queen, and in return receives the Moon (symbolizing the Outer Oort Cloud, the outermost veil of the Solar System) as her own Planet, in the left eye of our divine body. The Sage now receives her Coronation as her mother the Indigo Mason ascends. This is the first uncial of the triple High Holiday of Midsummer Solstice Week. (For the Planet of Wisdom and the Planetary Sphere of the Moon, see the 12 O’Clock Position on the Sage’s Card.)

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