ca. June 21-23

ca. June 21-23: We’ve just crossed the Mid-Summer Solstice, located in our divine body’s crown chakra and belonging to our Spirit-Father: primordial Father’s Day! Now is a great time to clarify prideful dogmatism into creative wisdom. It’s the first uncial of Star-month, and our Orange-Yellow Sage comes to the Yellow Isle of Stars and offers the Sphere of Creativity, the Sun, to the Archangel Michael and the Ribu Queen, and in return receives the Amber Constellation of Cancer as her own Stars. The Sage now gives rebirth to her mother, the Indigo Mason. This is the second and middle uncial of the triple High Holiday of Midsummer Solstice Week. (For the Planet of Creativity and the Constellation of Cancer, see the 11 O’Clock Position on the Creator’s Card.)

A Summer Solstice Prayer:
I AM and I honor the Omniscient Crowning Glory, God the Holy Father of our Twelve Archangels, the all-knowing Pattern and Patron of the Absolute, the Bright Man clothed in White, brighter than the brightest, rarer than the rarest, greater than the greatest, our Transcendent Spirit in the highest heights of Heaven above!

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