ca. June 6-7

ca. June 6-7: Now is a great time to clarify elitist guilt and dogmatic remorse into dispassionate correction and wise responsibility. It’s the seventh uncial of Planet-month, and our Violet Smith comes to the Amber Isle of Spheres and offers the Metal of Wisdom, the Silver, to the Archangel Myrrhael and the Peri Queen, and in return receives his Planet of Jupiter in the left base of our divine body. At this time the Violet Smith completes his Ascension, while his son our Solar Creator marries the Lunar Sage. This is the second and last uncial of the High Holiday Pentad or 5 Days of Early Summer. (For the Metal of Wisdom and the Planetary Sphere of Jupiter, see the 7 O’Clock Position on the Sage’s Card. Please note this photograph antedates the 1995 understanding of the planetary shift embracing the Asteroids, and so still shows Saturn in Jupiter’s location.)

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