c. July 22-24

ca. July 22-24: Now is a great time to harmonize forgetful lying and denial via denigrative black-magic into remembrance of truth and the music of magical speech. It’s the first uncial of Song-month or Harvest-Month, the High Holiday of New Lammas, as our Orange Mage comes to the Yellow-Green Isle of Music and offers the Virgin Mother’s Name (FE, FREIA, MERIAM, BRIHATI, BRIDE, etc.) to the Archangel Iofael and the Elven Queen, and in return receives his magical Ionian Mode of music. Having married the Yellow-Green Enchantress in May-Month, he now sires his son, the Blue Planter. (For the Mage’s Ionian Mode and the Isian Names, see the 9 O’Clock Position on the Enchantress’s Card.)

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