c. July 31-August 1

ca. July 31-August 1: Now is a great time to harmonize forgetful denial and bearing false witness into true listening and remembrance of the music of magical speech. It’s the fourth uncial of Song-month or Harvest-Month, the High Holiday of Early Lammas, as our Yellow-Green Enchantress comes to her own Yellow-Green Isle of Music and offers the Hypolydian Mode to the Archangel Iofael and the Elven Queen, and in return receives the transcendental Music of the World, the Locrian Mode. She now attains her Musical Throne, and gives birth to her daughter, the Magenta Forestress. (For the Enchantress’s Hypolydian and Locrian Modes, see the 12 O’Clock and central Positions on the Enchantress’s Card.)

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