c. July 9-11

ca. July 9-11: Now is a great time to revise prideful remorse and egotistical guilt into creative feedback and imaginative responsibility. It’s the eighth uncial of Star-month, and our Violet Smith comes to the Yellow Isle of Stars and offers the Gold to the Archangel Michael and the Ribhu Queen, and in return receives… the Constellation of Aquarius. It’s the second and last uncial of the five-day High Holiday of Late Summer, as the Yellow Creator is crowned and the Violet Smith comes of age at his epiphany or bat-mitzvah. As in Celtic traditions the Violet Smith is named Lugh, this uncial might be termed Lugh’s reappearance: true Lughnasad or Lammas. (For the Constellation of Aquarius and the Gold, see the 6 O’Clock Position on the Creator’s Card at left.)

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