c. September 5-6

ca. September 5-6: Now is a great time to integrate envious judgment and enabling martyrdom into compassionate right action (ritam) and ritual balance (dharma-drama) of the middle path. It’s the sixth uncial of Gift-month, when our Green Priest or Caregiver comes to his own Green Isle of Dharma-Gifts and offers the Triple Staff to the Throne Archangel Anael and the Sylph Queen, and in return receives the Scales of Balance. This is a High Holiday, the first half of the 5-day Pentad of Early Fall, and now the Green Priest gains access to his Throne of Dharma or Mercy Seat, and sires the rebirth of his son, the Red Hunter. (For the Triple Staff, Scales and Throne, see the 12 O’Clock Position and the Center Roundel on the Green Priest’s Card.)

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