c. September 7-9

ca. September 7-9: Now is a great time to integrate envious escapism and judgmental fear into compassionate seeking and the right action (ritam) or dharma-gift of pilgrimage and ascension. It’s the seventh uncial of Gift-month, when our Turquoise Fowler or Seeker comes to the Green Isle of Dharma-Gifts and offers the Dove to the Throne Archangel Anael and the Sylph Queen, and in return receives the Belled Cord of Nine Knots. This is a High Holiday, the second half of the 5-day Pentad of Early Fall, when we celebrate the Epiphany or Bat Mitzvah or Coming-of-Age of the Turquoise Fowler. (For the Dove and the Bell and Knotted Cord, see the 1 O’Clock Position on the Green Priest’s Card.)

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