c. October 31 – Nov. 1

ca. October 31 – Nov. 1: Now is a great time to expand obtrusive lying and lustful denigration and black-magic into growing truthfulness and cultivation through poetry or true-naming magic. It’s the fourth uncial of Seed-month, when our Orange Magician comes to the Blue Isle of Flowers and offers the Name JU and mantra OWN (“Aw-OO-Nyuh”) to the Archangelic Virtue Uriel and the Faerie Queen, and in return receives the Jonquil, Asphodel or Narcissus. This is the High Holiday of Early Hallows, when we celebrate the death of the Orange Mage, and the accession of his son the Blue Planter to the Flower Throne. (For the Name and the Asphodel, see the 6 O’Clock position on the Blue Planter’s Card.)

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