ca. Dec. 5-6

ca. Dec. 5-6: Now is a great time to sculpt critical elitism and rebellious dogmatism into the levity of clarity and liberation through all-embracing wisdom. It’s the sixth uncial of Crystal-month, when our Orange-Yellow Sage comes to the Indigo Isle of Crystals and offers the Planetary knowledge of Saturn to the Archangel Rwkael and the Gnome Queen, and in return receives the Amber or Pearl. This is the first half of the High-Holiday pentad of Early Winter or Winterwax, when we celebrate the death of the Orange-Yellow (Lunar) Sage, and the accession of her daughter the Indigo Mason to the Crystal Throne. (For the Planet of Saturn and the Amber, see the 6 O’Clock position on the Indigo Mason’s Card.)

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