c. January 28-29

ca. Jan. 28-29: Now is a great time to dissolve wounded hurt and betrayal into the living waters of forgiving communion. It’s the fourth uncial of Tree-month, when our Magenta Forester comes to her own Magenta Isle of Trees and offers the Rowan or Ash-tree to the Archangel Sheshunael and the Dryad Queen, and in return receives the World Tree. This is the High-Holiday of Early Oiwolch or Early Candlemas, when we celebrate the Accession to the Tree-Throne of the Magenta Forestress, and the rebirth of her daughter, the Chartreuse Enchantress. (For the Rowan-Ash and the World Tree, see the 12 O’Clock position on the Magenta Forester’s Card.)

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