c. February 11-13

ca. Feb. 11-13: Now is a great time to dissolve betrayal through false-memory and woundedness through denial into forgiveness through musical enchantment and communion through innocence. It’s the tenth uncial of Tree-month, when our Chartreuse Enchantress comes to the Magenta Isle of Trees and offers the Hypodorian Mode of Music to the Archangel Sheshunael and the Dryad Queen, and in return receives the Hazel or Silver Fir. This is the High-Holiday of Late Oiwolch or Late Candlemas, when we celebrate the Epiphany or Coming of Age of the Chartreuse Enchantress, and the Coronation of her mother the Magenta Forestress. (For the Silver Fir and the Hypodorian Mode of Music, see the 6 O’Clock position on the Magenta Forester’s Card.)

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