c. January 1-2

ca. Jan. 1-2: A good time to transmute guilty greed and jealousy into responsible acceptance, surrender and devotion. It’s the fifth uncial of Metal-month, when our Red-Orange Lover or High Priestess comes to the Violet Isle of Metals and offers the Violet Sceptre of Weighty Repsonibility to the Archangel Gwrael and the Dwarf Queen, and in return receives the Antimony. (For the Sceptre and the Antimony, see the 3 O’Clock position on the Violet Smith’s Card.)

As this uncial begins, we mark the completion of the Initiation-Stage of Conception and the beginning of the Initiation-Stage of Birth, in our Divine Daughter’s ascent :-)

In terms of our cosmic body, our Divine Daughter has now moved from our feet (conception) to our base chakra (birth)…

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