About Rory Goff

Born in Florida in 1956, Rory spent his childhood in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Maine enjoying the study of fairy tales, history, languages, art, comparative mythology, magic, tarot, astrology, alchemy, and mysticism. Inspired in high school by Edgar Cayce’s channeled Higher-Self teachings on the soul and reincarnation, Rory then awoke to the birth of the Witness of his own soul while studying the Upanishads. He learned to meditate in 1973, and following his freshman year at Harvard spent the summer in the Himalayan foothills of India, meditating and studying Hindu scriptures in solitude in an ashram by the Ganges above the holy city of Rishikesh.

Rory returned to Harvard with celestial appreciation, graduated magna cum laude in Fine Arts, and then worked in Harvard’s Fine Arts Library, supervising the visual collections and cataloging images of Indian and Southeast Asian art. He had deepened his regular meditation practice with advanced techniques and residence courses and experienced a baptism of full, spontaneous Kundalini awakening in 1977, followed by a transfiguring union with the Solar Angel or Inner Christ in 1979. He enrolled in Harvard Divinity School’s Master of Theological Studies program and was enjoying divine illumination into the essential unity behind all religions when the Dark Night of the Soul, a profoundly excruciating spiritual crisis, recalled him to India in 1980-81 for additional understanding and experience.

Returning to the U.S., he continued his deep research into consciousness. In 1982 he learned spiritual healing, served as channel for a Council of Ascended Masters, and then discovered a practical technique of spiritual liberation, a kind of “Instant Yoga” and “Instant Yagya” which Awakened him permanently from the wavicle’s dream of separation in space-time into the eternal ocean of non-dual Wholeness, and also provided effortless material fulfillment of every desire. Since 1983 Rory has investigated the mechanics of consciousness underlying Mastery and Ascension. Click here for some of Rory Goff’s discoveries. He has also offered intuitive counseling and energy-work as well as Initiations, Hermetic knowledge, and non-dual Understanding in satsangs and in the Rorian Mystery School.

For the past 33 years Rory has continued to practice and teach the supremely simple technique of unconditional Love, Light, and Laughter which both completed his Awakening and provided material fulfillment: the technique of “Instant Yoga” and “Instant Yagya” which he calls Wavicle Work. He currently lives with his wife in Iowa and Florida, and now offers both private Wavicle Work sessions and group Wavicle Workshops in person and online.

Wonderful Wavicle Work now offers you the secrets of this simple seven-step procedure for enlightening yourself, your wavicles or thought-children, and the world around you.