…References & Experiences…

“I use it whenever anything weird crops up. It always works!” –D.K.

“It’s a shortcut to the Divine.” — Ranjini

“I have been practicing Wavicle Work with Rory Goff on a regular basis for about a year. Wavicle Work involves focusing on unmet needs and desires, embracing the negative thoughts and emotions surrounding them, and giving those thoughts unconditional love. What I have discovered during my time with Rory is that when I can love and accept unpleasant thoughts and feelings, I open up to receiving much in return and the universe gladly delivers even more than I thought I wanted.
“Rory is uniquely gifted to guide someone in this journey. He has a deep understanding and loving acceptance of people who are caught up in the struggles inherent in the human condition. He engenders a feeling of trust and people find that they want to open up to him. He is also deeply intuitive and has a surprising way of getting to the heart of a matter. This makes him an ideal mentor for someone who is truly interested in working toward profound change and personal growth. The nice thing about Wavicle Work, is that someone can learn it in a group session and take it home and practice it on their own, with one-on-one or group guidance from Rory as the need warrants. Wavicle Work is a nice complement to a meditation practice.
“I grew up in a troubled home situation and have experienced a variety of life challenges which are unique to that situation. With Rory I have found a safe space to express, examine, understand, process, and embrace unpleasant memories and emotions. I have been able to resolve some difficulties that I once thought I might never be able to; with other issues I have noticed definite improvement. My life has become more joyful and I have lost some of the self-judgement and resentment I used to carry around. I worry less and I laugh more. Since I spend less time ruminating over my own problems, I have happily been able to put more energy into helping others. I have been in therapy for many years, however practicing Wavicle Work with the help of Rory Goff, has given me more peace of mind than any therapist ever has.” — S.K.

“Rory’s teaching brings the Divine to where it is not. It is body, feeling, healing and spiritual work. By changing the inner, we transform the outer; we create from the Heart. By embracing everything, we experience Unity, Wholeness. We embrace the ugly so it can show its beauty. No teacher gave me such clarity about karma, suffering, evil — I’m forever grateful to Rory for the depth, clarity and transformative power of his teaching.” — Marie Lehrer, Founder and President of Rise Africa

“Rory Goff’s Wavicle Work … is simple, elegant, and extremely enjoyable to do and has gotten to the point where it occurs almost by itself with just a little attention. Thus far, I have started to experience deep transformations in my relationships, life work, finances, and feeling a loving world cradling me in its everlasting arms. Life is becoming wonderfully magical. Positivity or negativity, the false duality of three-dimensional ‘reality,’ is becoming the content of a new book of life, whose every sentence speaks of just how the Awakening is, and has been, Always/Already right Now. No hype: this work is the ticket for anyone aware of the paradigm shift of the planet.” — P. J.

“Whew! Blessings and salutations. I could not foresee the experience you walked me through on Saturday…. I could feel the energetic balance between you & Rena. Today my metaphor for this entire rebirthing experience is being dropped off by helicopter for extreme skiing at the top of a big rocky mountain in a storm and I’m a novice skier.

You were masterful. There are no words that can express how thankful I am that you saw the job & did the job. This happens frequently? Boy have I led a sheltered life. ” — KZP

“During our Wavicle Work session Rory guided us through numerous obscure and deep rooted wants and needs that rarely come into conscious awareness. With his deeper insights and the ability to weave our stories into revelations on a realtime basis, we are empowered to partner with our “selves” to discover the relief we need and to deliberately create the world we want. Thank you Rory for showing me a new vision of possibilities.” — Terry R. Burka

“THANKS Rory…. I participated in this. A wonderful experience sprinkled with bliss and laughter/ Feeling grateful that I was able to attend.” — Rita R.

“I recently enjoyed my first one-on-one session with Rory Goff and with his guidance we worked on addressing the needs of and loving my wealth and prosperity wavicles. I was empowered and relieved of my past fears of never being able to spend money freely and always feeling a lack of money even when I have had savings in the bank. The week following my personal session I began noticing that I was more relaxed and able to spend money more freely. I was even able to feel good about giving gifts to myself and to others. Prior to my healing work with Rory such actions would have been very difficult and would have caused me a lot of mental discomfort and anxiety.
“But the real surprise came just a few days later. A letter came in the mail saying that there was a program I might be eligible for to receive an extra $100 dollars a month, and that I should fill out a bunch of paperwork and send it in. However, before I even took any action, the next day I received a new letter that stated I was automatically enrolled in the program, the money would automatically show up in my account, and that there was nothing additional that I needed to do. This brought me great internal joy, but that was just the beginning of an amazing transformation that soon began to reveal itself in my ‘external-world’ as well.
“A few days after I received the second letter of what for me was tantamount to a financial boon I was delightfully surprised to learn that a family trust had opened up and my family would now be receiving an ongoing stipend worth over 60,000 dollars. On learning this news, I laughed and laughed with pure delight because I know full well that my wealth wavicle was truly feeling loved and appreciated in new ways and was now beginning and continuing to infinitely orchestrate spontaneous wealth for me. In just a matter of a very few days my entire relationship to money and prosperity had gotten substantially better. And that due to Rory’s healing technology I now enjoy an enriched spirit-mind-body in so many practical ways.
“Thanks to Rory for teaching me how to heal my inner and outer Self.
“With sincere appreciation,
R. O.”

“I am very thankful! The Wavicle Work has been helping me take full responsibility for my life’s creation. Yes! All mine! The good and the not so good! I have healed not only some challenging emotional and relationship issues but some physical pains as well. Within minutes of acknowledging and allowing the resistance within my physiology and giving it love, acceptance and what it needed to be well, the pain dissipated immediately, just like that. This is totally miraculous yet seemed totally simply ordinary, the way pain should be allowed to heal. This technique is truly a simple yet profound way to heal any challenge that comes up, whether it be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. A tool that was generously given to me and will be useful for the rest of my life. I am grateful. Thank you, Rory.” — B.N.

“The system is so intellectually rich–but the actual experiences out of the class–it enlivens part of the energy field that has never been paid attention to–so there’s more of a symphony of notes coming in.” — P. J. M.

“I am very grateful for the school, for you and for infinity. I had some questions…but they were quickly resolved into IS. I don’t know the name for HERE, but it’s cool….It’s AWESOME!…” — N. C.

“What I just experienced while we were all doing this, was an immense amount of light. It was just so present … there was nothing fake about it. When I felt the energies combining it really felt like a burst of light outside of my eyes and I wanted to open my eyes just to see if someone was shining a flashlight on me or something — but I didn’t, but that’s what it felt like. It was really powerful…. I felt this “pushing out” and I felt almost like this manifestation of laughter just flowing out. Really good. I never felt anything like that. Thank you for facilitating it.” — S. L.

“Sitting in the middle of the room … I could feel the energy pouring through me, which was pretty fantastic, and my heart expanded a lot, which is a rare experience for me, and it was obviously, as you can see, it was pretty joyful. And I sat in the middle of the room for healing, both physically and emotionally, and we’ll just see what the coming week brings.” — C.T.

“For me, Particle/Wavicle Work is better now than any form of spiritual technique or herbal remedy. We don’t learn how to talk to ourselves in this culture! We don’t learn how to be our own mothers! Thanks to Rory and Particle Work I am finally mothering myself, at home with myself, keeping myself company. I have had several semi-serious health problems lately, which have come up because of spiritual transition in my life, and nothing has worked for me at this time other than Particle/Wavicle Work. Rory is not a doctor, but he is very good at sensing subtle energy, and teaching us how to give ourselves what we need, and empowering us to realize and use our power for our own good. Hurray for Rory! He is on the forefront of a new field.” — H. J.

“After attending one of Rory’s Mystery School sessions, I … did what Rory had suggested: namely, invoke the Center of Divine Love perched atop the subtle chakra system extending from the crown, asking that center to infuse me with its Love. I then felt that energy trickling down into my solar plexus, after which time the energy merged with the same energy ascending up the lower chakras from the center of the earth. Once the two energy streams met, though, there was an explosion of light and high-frequency sound which then immediately circulated around the circumference of an expanding energy disk existing perpendicularly to my body. As the meditation continued, strong currents of bliss ran through my brow and crown chakras. The brain felt like it was being illuminated with invisible light. I then experienced that everything in my environment—all the sounds, objects, people—became part of my own awareness, suffusing everything with the most intimate and tender Love. Then, I [opened my eyes] just to corroborate this experience. To my wonder the entire environment was submerged in a three-foot-high energy field of gentle bluish-white light, from which everything and everyone emerged, but without ever losing their status as nodes of the Unmanifest. My very own Awareness. All moved in slow motion, it seemed, in distinct frames, as if every nanosecond of manifestation were being brought into being, maintained, and then dissolved. The entire spectacle was Love on the move. I was That. The universe was inside me: the Heart of the cosmos. What a big “Wow!” all of this was. Since that time, the experience has returned at different levels of intensity. Rory’s techniques are the real thing, believe me. As an awake, highly educated, and very highly-developed human being, as well, he is an extremely rare being on this planet. Count yourself very very fortunate to have this kind of contact and interaction with him.” — M. B.

“It was a great experience…very evolutionary and transformational. I was having and gaining deep and deeper experience. Thanks again and again.” — B. T.

“I… quite enjoyed it and am glad you are doing it again… So I’ll look forward to the [next] class… Thanks again!” — D. S.