106: The 12 Archangels and the 144 Solar Angels

As described in The One Monad and the Twelve Atmic Demiurges, from our central I AM sphere or Monad (Spirit-Light), we have now created or acknowledged twelve Atmic (Spirit-Laughter) peripheral spheres or spiritual dimensions of perception and action. These are our twelve Adityas, Sons, Disciples, Olympians, or Demiurges. These are all peripherals of the Center (White/Black) hypersphere. As we are soon to be entering peripheral hyperspheres, with their twelve center-spheres and 144 peripheral-spheres, to avoid confusion we use the following protocol to easily identify any given sphere: Hypersphere: Sphere, known in many traditions as Mainray: Subray. Thus, we have now briefly examined the following spheres:

Center: Center — White/Black Monad; I AM or CHRIST

Center: Yellow — Spiritual Imaginer or Creator

Center: Yellow-Green — Spiritual Enchantress

Center: Green — Spiritual Priest

Center: Green-Blue — Spiritual Fowler or Seeker

Center: Blue — Spiritual Planter

Center: Blue-Violet — Spiritual Mason or Trickster

Center: Violet — Spiritual Smith

Center: Violet-Red — Spirtual Forester

Center: Red — Spiritual Warrior

Center: Red-Orange — Spiritual Abbess or Lover

Center: Orange — Spiritual Mage

Center: Orange-Yellow — Spiritual Scholar or Sage

Together, these thirteen make up our central cluster or central hypersphere, and in sum are the manifestation of Spirit. (In the Ascension process, one identifies with one’s I AM or Monadic Self at what is commonly called the Sixth Initiation, or Ascension; this is the fourth Hierarchical Initiation. One attains identification with one’s Atmic or Demiurgic cluster at what is commonly termed the Fifth Initiation, or Mastery; this is the third Hierarchical Initiation.)

To continue our Manifestation process, we now must move out through these twelve different Demiurge-spheres into the Soul-Realm: the twelve peripheral hyperspheres that our Demiurges touch upon and act through. Each of these twelve peripheral hyperspheres, again, consists of a central sphere and twelve peripheral spheres. The central spheres of these peripheral clusters we have termed Archangels; each is the central Idea or Foundation of its peripheral cluster, and is an upholder of the Buddhic or Intuitive Realm (Soul-Love), the Divine Heart. (In the Ascension process, one identifies with one’s Buddhic Archangel at what is commonly termed the Fourth Initiation, or Crucifixion; this is the second Hierarchical Initiation.)

We may enumerate these Archangels as follows:

Yellow: Center — Buddhic Constellation (Seraph MICHAEL)

Yellow-Green: Center — Buddhic Song (Cherub IOFAEL)

Green: Center — Buddhic Throne (Throne ANACHIEL)

Green-Blue: Center — Buddhic Phoenix (Power AURAEL)

Blue: Center — Buddhic Flower (Virtue URIEL)

Blue-Violet: Center — Buddhic Stone (Archangel RWKAEL)

Violet: Center — Buddhic Metal; Grail (Archangel GABRIEL)

Violet-Red: Center — Buddhic Tree (Virtue SHAISHUNAEL)

Red: Center — Buddhic Dragon (Dynamis ZADOCHIEL)

Red-Orange: Center — Buddhic Treasure-Tower (Throne RAPHAEL)

Orange: Center — Buddhic Word (Cherub EREMIEL)

Orange-Yellow: Center — Buddhic Planetary Body (Seraph MYRRHAEL)

Each of these twelve Buddhic Archangels oversees twelve of the 144 peripheral spheres or Solar Angels, who may each be viewed as the offspring of their Archangel and one of the twelve Demiurges; these Solar Angels are the upholders of the Causal Realm (Soul-Light), the Divine Solar Plexus. (In the Ascension process, identification with one’s Solar Angel takes place at what is commonly called the Third Initiation, Transfiguration, or Soul-Merge; this is the first Hierarchical Initiation.)

Thus, in the Yellow coven or cluster surrounding Archangel MICHAEL’s Buddhic or Central Constellation (the Solar System’s White and Black Constellation of Sirius A and B), we have twelve Causal Solar Angels, whose Soul-Seals are as follows:

Yellow: Yellow — Leo (Constellation of the Creator)

Yellow: Yellow-Green — Virgo (Constellation of the Enchanter)

Yellow: Green — Libra (Constellation of the Priest)

Yellow: Green-Blue — Scorpio (Constellation of the Seeker)

Yellow: Blue — Sagittarius (Constellation of the Planter)

Yellow: Blue-Violet — Capricorn (Constellation of the Mason)

Yellow: Violet — Aquarius (Constellation of the Smith)

Yellow: Violet-Red — Pisces (Constellation of the Forester)

Yellow: Red — Aries (Constellation of the Warrior)

Yellow: Red-Orange — Taurus (Constellation of the Diviner)

Yellow: Orange — Gemini (Constellation of the Mage)

Yellow: Orange-Yellow — Cancer (Constellation of the Sage)

In the Yellow-Green cluster surrounding Archangel IOFAEL’s Buddhic or Central Song (White and Black Locrian and Hypophrygian Modes), we have twelve Causal Solar Angels, whose Soul-Seals are as follows:

Yellow-Green: Yellow — Lydian Mode (Song of the Creator)

Yellow-Green: Yellow-Green: Hypolydian Mode (Song of the Enchanter)

Yellow-Green: Green — Mixolydian Mode (Song of the Priest)

Yellow-Green: Green-Blue — Hypomixolydian Mode (Song of the Fowler)

Yellow-Green: Blue — Aeolian Mode (Song of the Planter)

Yellow-Green: Blue-Violet —Hypoaeolian Mode (Song of the Mason)

Yellow-Green: Violet — Phrygian Mode (Song of the Smith)

Yellow-Green: Violet-Red — Hypodorian Mode (Song of the Forester)

Yellow-Green: Red — Dorian Mode (Song of the Warrior)

Yellow-Green: Red-Orange — Hypoionian Mode (Song of the Diviner)

Yellow-Green: Orange — Ionian Mode (Song of the Mage)

Yellow-Green: Orange-Yellow — Hypolocrian Mode (Song of the Scholar)

In Archangel ANACHIEL’s Green cluster of the Buddhic or Central Throne (White and Black Ark of the Covenant), we have twelve Causal Solar Angels, whose Soul-Seals are as follows:

Green: Yellow — Fiery Crown (Dharma-Gift of the Creator)

Green: Yellow-Green — Harp and Horn (Dharma-Gift of the Enchanter)

Green: Green — Triple Staff and Scales (Dharma-Gift of the Priest)

Green: Green-Blue — Belled Cord (Dharma-Gift of the Fowler)

Green: Blue — Fire-bow and Pestle (Dharma-Gift of the Planter)

Green: Blue-Violet — Square and Compass (Dharma-Gift of the Mason)

Green: Violet — Hammer and Anvil (Dharma-Gift of the Smith)

Green: Violet-Red — Axe and Broom (Dharma-Gift of the Forester)

Green: Red — Fiery Sword (Dharma-Gift of the Warrior)

Green: Red-Orange — Mantle (Dharma-Gift of the Diviner)

Green: Orange — Mirror-Mask (Dharma-Gift of the Mage)

Green: Orange-Yellow — Tripod and Lamp (Dharma-Gift of the Scholar)

In Archangel AURAEL’s Green-Blue cluster of the Buddhic or Central Bird (White and Black Phoenix), we have twelve Causal Solar Angels, whose Soul-Seals are as follows:

Green-Blue: Yellow — Rooster (Bird of the Creator)

Green-Blue: Yellow-Green — Swan (Bird of the Enchanter)

Green-Blue: Green — Dove (Bird of the Priest)

Green-Blue: Green-Blue — Peacock or Ostrich (Bird of the Fowler)

Green-Blue: Blue — Storm Eagle (Bird of the Planter)

Green-Blue: Blue-Violet — Raven (Bird of the Mason)

Green-Blue: Violet — Goose or Pelican (Bird of the Smith)

Green-Blue: Violet-Red — Stormy Petrel (Bird of the Forester)

Green-Blue: Red — Hawk (Bird of the Warrior)

Green-Blue: Red-Orange — Crane (Bird of the Diviner)

Green-Blue: Orange — Swallow or Magpie (Bird of the Mage)

Green-Blue: Orange-Yellow — Owl (Bird of the Scholar)

In Archangel URIEL’s Blue cluster of the Buddhic or Central Blossom (White and Black Moly), we have twelve Causal Solar Angels, whose Soul-Seals are as follows:

Blue: Yellow — Sunflower (Flower of the Creator)

Blue: Yellow-Green — Rue or Artemisia (Flower of the Enchanter)

Blue: Green — Trefoil (Flower of the Priest)

Blue: Green-Blue — Lotus (Flower of the Fowler)

Blue: Blue — Flax (Flower of the Planter)

Blue: Blue-Violet — Columbine (Flower of the Mason)

Blue: Violet — Violet (Flower of the Smith)

Blue: Violet-Red — Thistle or Wisteria (Flower of the Forester)

Blue: Red — Nasturtium or Blood-Rose (Flower of the Warrior)

Blue: Red-Orange — Pink Rose (Flower of the Diviner)

Blue: Orange — Daffodil (Flower of the Mage)

Blue: Orange-Yellow — Iris (Flower of the Scholar)

In Archangel RWKAEL’s Blue-Violet cluster of the Buddhic or Central Stone (White and Black Diamond), we have twelve Causal Solar Angels, whose Soul-Seals are as follows:

Blue-Violet: Yellow — Topaz (Stone of the Creator)

Blue-Violet: Yellow-Green — Peridot (Stone of the Enchanter)

Blue-Violet: Green — Emerald (Stone of the Priest)

Blue-Violet: Green-Blue — Aquamarine (Stone of the Fowler)

Blue-Violet: Blue — Lapis Lazuli (Stone of the Planter)

Blue-Violet: Blue-Violet — Sapphire (Stone of the Mason)

Blue-Violet: Violet — Amethyst (Stone of the Smith)

Blue-Violet: Violet-Red — Garnet (Stone of the Forester)

Blue-Violet: Red — Ruby (Stone of the Warrior)

Blue-Violet: Red-Orange — Carnelian (stone of the Abbess)

Blue-Violet: Orange — Fire Opal (Stone of the Mage)

Blue-Violet: Orange-Yellow — Amber (Stone of the Scholar)

In Archangel GWRIEL or GABRIEL’s Violet cluster of the Buddhic or Central Metal (White and Black Grail), we have twelve Causal Solar Angels, whose Soul-Seals are as follows:

Violet: Yellow — Gold (Metal of the Creator)

Violet: Yellow-Green — Platinum (Metal of the Enchanter)

Violet: Green — Copper (Metal of the Priest)

Violet: Green-Blue — Bronze (Metal of the Fowler)

Violet: Blue — Tin (Metal of the Planter)

Violet: Blue-Violet — Zinc or Pewter (Metal of the Mason)

Violet: Violet — Lead (Metal of the Smith)

Violet: Violet-Red — Aluminum (Metal of the Forester)

Violet: Red — Iron (Metal of the Warrior)

Violet: Red-Orange — Antimony (Metal of the Abbess)

Violet: Orange — Mercury (Metal of the Mage)

Violet: Orange-Yellow — Silver (Metal of the Scholar)

In Archangel SHAISHUNAEL’s Violet-Red cluster of the Buddhic or Central Tree (White and Black World Tree), we have twelve Causal Solar Angels, whose Soul-Seals are as follows:

Violet-Red: Yellow — Broom or Hollyoak (Tree of the Creator)

Violet-Red: Yellow-Green — Hazel (Tree of the Enchanter)

Violet-Red: Green — Apple (Tree of the Priest)

Violet-Red: Green-Blue — Vine (Tree of the Fowler)

Violet-Red: Blue — Ivy or Blue Oak (Tree of the Planter)

Violet-Red: Blue-Violet — Elder or Yew (Tree of the Mason)

Violet-Red: Violet — Grey Birch (Tree of the Smith)

Violet-Red: Violet-Red — Ash (Tree of the Forester)

Violet-Red: Red — Alder or Red Oak (Tree of the Warrior)

Violet-Red: Red-Orange — Willow (Tree of the Abbess)

Violet-Red: Orange — Hawthorn or Rowan (Tree of the Mage)

Violet-Red: Orange-Yellow — Aspen or Poplar (Tree of the Scholar)

In Archangel ZADOCHIEL’s Red cluster of the Buddhic or Central Animal (White and Black World Dragon), we have twelve Causal Solar Angels, whose Soul-Seals are as follows:

Red: Yellow — Lion (Animal of the Creator)

Red: Yellow-Green — Deer (Animal of the Enchanter)

Red: Green — Wolf/Hound (Animal of the Priest)

Red: Green-Blue — Bear (Animal of the Fowler)

Red: Blue — Horse (Animal of the Planter)

Red: Blue-Violet — Goat (Animal of the Mason)

Red: Violet — Elephant (Animal of the Smith)

Red: Violet-Red — Dolphin (Animal of the Forester)

Red: Red — Ram (Animal of the Warrior)

Red: Red-Orange — Bull (Animal of the Abbess)

Red: Orange — Snake or Ape (Animal of the Mage)

Red: Orange-Yellow — Unicorn or Crab (Animal of the Scholar)

In Archangel RATHAEL or RAPHAEL’s Red-Orange cluster of the Buddhic or Central Treasure (White and Black World Tower), we have twelve Causal Solar Angels, whose Soul-Seals are as follows:

Red-Orange: Yellow — Lance or Athamei (Treasure of the Creator)

Red-Orange: Yellow-Green — Torque or Necklace (Treasure of the Enchanter)

Red-Orange: Green — Triple Brooch or Ring (Treasure of the Priest)

Red-Orange: Green-Blue — Vessel (Treasure of the Fowler)

Red-Orange: Blue — Thunderbolt (Treasure of the Planter)

Red-Orange: Blue-Violet — Coffer (Treasure of the Mason)

Red-Orange: Violet — Mace (Treasure of the Smith)

Red-Orange: Violet-Red — Chalice (Treasure of the Forester)

Red-Orange: Red — Horned Altar (Treasure of the Warrior)

Red-Orange: Red-Orange — Gameboard and Double Pentacle (Treasure of the Abbess)

Red-Orange: Orange — Wand (Treasure of the Mage)

Red-Orange: Orange-Yellow — Soma-Flask (Treasure of the Scholar)

In Archangel EREMIEL’s Orange cluster of the Buddhic or Central Name (White and Black World Name; YEAHOUW – WUOHAEI, or YAHU – WOHE), we have twelve Causal Solar Angels, whose Soul-Seals are as follows:

Orange: Yellow — BI or IEM (Name of the Creator)

Orange: Yellow-Green — FE or IAMh (Name of the Enchanter)

Orange: Green — DhA or EOM (Name of the Priest)

Orange: Green-Blue — SO or AUNh (Name of the Fowler)

Orange: Blue — JU or OWNia (Name of the Planter)

Orange: Blue-Violet — KW or UWNKh (Name of the Mason)

Orange: Violet — GW or WUNG (Name of the Smith)

Orange: Violet-Red — ShU or WONhia (Name of the Forester)

Orange: Red — ZO or UAN (Name of the Warrior)

Orange: Red-Orange — ThA or OEMh (Name of the Abbess)

Orange: Orange — VE or AIM (Name of the Mage)

Orange: Orange-Yellow — PhI or EIMh (Name of the Scholar)

(See also A Bard’s Primer: The Science of Mantra and Words of Power.)

In Archangel MYRRHAEL’s Orange-Yellow cluster of the Buddhic or Central Body (White and Black Earth and Pluto), we have twelve Causal Solar Angels, whose Soul-Seals are as follows:

Orange-Yellow: Yellow — Sun (Body of the Creator)

Orange-Yellow: Yellow-Green — Isis or Lunar South Node (Body of the Enchanter)

Orange-Yellow: Green — Venus (Body of the Priest)

Orange-Yellow: Green-Blue — Neptune (Body of the Fowler)

Orange-Yellow: Blue — Bacchus/Asteroids (Body of the Planter)

Orange-Yellow: Blue-Violet — Saturn (Body of the Mason)

Orange-Yellow: Violet — Jupiter (Body of the Smith)

Orange-Yellow: Violet-Red — Uranus (Body of the Forester)

Orange-Yellow: Red — Mars (Body of the Warrior)

Orange-Yellow: Red-Orange — Proserpina or Lunar North Node (Body of the Abbess)

Orange-Yellow: Orange — Mercury (Body of the Mage)

Orange-Yellow: Orange-Yellow — Moon or Outer “Skin” of Solar System (Body of the Scholar)

For an in-depth explanation of this planetary order, see The Grail Restored: The Original Zodiac and the Planetary Double Helix