115: The Nine Chakras and the Lunar Calendar

The Body-Temple: Thus far we have examined the mechanics of a “Full Grand Coven” or Hyper-Hypersphere, wherein all 169 elements of all thirteen spheres are present. This is the maximum number possible for a Hyper-Hypersphere; what is the minimum possible?

A fully-dimensional Hypersphere may function with a minimum of four members: One Monadic center, and three Atmic peripherals; as, for example, the Yellow-Blue-Red trine. These peripherals will then assume the Fixed-Mutable-Cardinal Triplicity, known in Veda as Brahma, Indra, Rudra (later Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva), or Sattva-Rajas-Tamas…also known as Sat, Chit, and Ananda, or SPIRIT, SOUL, and BODY; or LOVE, LIGHT, and LAUGHTER, or Maiden, Mother, and Crone.

Let’s assume then that we wish to create a Divinely human framework to explore our potentials as LOVE (Spirit or Sat), LIGHT (Soul or Chit), and LAUGHTER (Body or Ananda); these potentials form a Holy Trinity of Demiurges in the Atmic or Spiritual Realm.

Just as in the full complement we multiply the twelve Atmic Demiurges by their twelve Buddhic counterparts to obtain 144 Causal Angels (which may be seen as 144 chakras serving the Monadic “I AM”), we now multiply each of these three Atmic Demiurges by their three Buddhic counterparts to form a minimal Causal energy-system of nine Solar-Angelic or Human Soul-seals, each of which can then cooperate as a chakra or vortex in the “I AM” Monadic Spirit-Soul: each running from front to back of the body (or White/Black paired front to back), and all stacked vertically through the body from just above the head to just below the feet. These Nine are:

CROWN (Spiritual Love or Spiritual Spirit), the Logoic Subplane of the Elohim or Arch-Druids
BROW (Spiritual Light or Spiritual Soul), the Monadic Subplane of the Seers or Druids
THROAT (Spiritual Laughter or Spiritual Body), the Atmic Subplane of the Magicians or Bards
HEART (Soul Love or Psychic Spirit), the Buddhic Subplane of the Clerics or Ovates
SOLAR PLEXUS (Soul Light or Psychic Soul), the Causal Subplane of the Royals
NAVEL (Soul Laughter or Psychic Body), the Mental Subplane of the Warriors or Armigers
SEX (Bodily Love or Bodily Spirit), the Astral Subplane of the Merchants or Yeomen
BASE (Bodily Light or Bodily Soul), the Physical Subplane of the Artisans
FEET (Bodily Laughter or Bodily Body), the Elemental Subplane of the Servants.

(These are all Subplanes within the Causal, but may function cooperatively as a conjoined Spiritual Soul in the Monadic Realm.)

This basic ninefold structure allows for a great many cosmologies and calendar systems; below are correlations of the nine chakras with the nine Muses, the Nine Angelic Orders, and the Nine Realms of the Norse Tree of Life. By using all nine chakras, and reflecting these down from the Causal through their Mental counterparts, and multiplying again by three each into the peripheral spheres of the Astral Realm, we generate a wonderful trinary-trigram calendar of 27 Lunar Nakshatras or “days”, which begins on the “day” following New Moon with 0-0-0 or Spirit-Spirit-Spirit (Love-Love-Love); culminates on the Full Moon with 1-1-1 or Soul-Soul-Soul (Light-Light-Light); and ends on the “day” preceding New Moon with 2-2-2 or Body-Body-Body (Laughter-Laughter-Laughter), for Manifestation, or the reverse for Ascension. In the physical calendar, it takes slightly over 27 days for the Moon to complete the zodiacal circuit, and about 29 1/2 days to run from New Moon to New Moon. This longer lunar month can easily be accommodated by positing 2 or 3 intercalary (unnumbered) days for the actual phase of the New Moon or Dark Moon, the time of unmanifest potential and Initiation.

The complete Lunar 27-day cycle of Manifestation (with nine chakras, nine Muses, and nine Angelic orders) runs as follows:
(New Moon)
Crown Chakra: Urania and Elohim
0-0-0 (0) Spirit-Spirit-Spirit, or Love-Love-Love —- Day 1
0-0-1 (1) Spirit-Spirit-Soul, or Love-Love-Light —- Day 2
0-0-2 (2) Spirit-Spirit-Body, or Love-Love-Laughter —- Day 3
Brow Chakra: Melpomene and Seraphim
0-1-0 (3) Spirit-Soul-Spirit, or Love-Light-Love —- Day 4
0-1-1 (4) Spirit-Soul-Soul, or Love-Light-Light —- Day 5
0-1-2 (5) Spirit-Soul-Body, or Love-Light-Laughter —- Day 6
Throat Chakra: Polymnia and Cherubim
0-2-0 (6) Spirit-Body-Spirit, or Love-Laughter-Love —- Day 7
0-2-1 (7) Spirit-Body-Soul, or Love-Laughter-Light —- Day 8
0-2-2 (8) Spirit-Body-Body, or Love-Laughter-Laughter —- Day 9
Heart Chakra: Erato and Thrones
1-0-0 (9) Soul-Spirit-Spirit, or Light-Love-Love —- Day 10
1-0-1 (10) Soul-Spirit-Soul, or Light-Love-Light —- Day 11
1-0-2 (11) Soul-Spirit-Body, or Light-Love-Laughter —- Day 12
Solar Plexus Chakra: Calliope and Principalities
1-1-0 (12) Soul-Soul-Spirit, or Light-Light-Love —- Day 13
1-1-1 (13) Soul-Soul-Soul, or Light-Light-Light —- Day 14 (Full Moon)
1-1-2 (14) Soul-Soul-Body, or Light-Light-Laughter —- Day 15
Navel Chakra: Clio and Powers and Dominions
1-2-0 (15) Soul-Body-Spirit, or Light-Laughter-Love —- Day 16
1-2-1 (16) Soul-Body-Soul, or Light-Laughter-Light —- Day 17
1-2-2 (17) Soul-Body-Body, or Light-Laughter-Laughter —- Day 18
Sex Chakra: Thalia and Virtues
2-0-0 (18) Body-Spirit-Spirit, or Laughter-Love-Love —- Day 19
2-0-1 (19) Body-Spirit-Soul, or Laughter-Love-Light —- Day 20
2-0-2 (20) Body-Spirit-Body, or Laughter-Love-Laughter —- Day 21
Base Chakra: Euterpe and Archangels
2-1-0 (21) Body-Soul-Spirit, or Laughter-Light-Love —- Day 22
2-1-1 (22) Body-Soul-Soul, or Laughter-Light-Light —- Day 23
2-1-2 (23) Body-Soul-Body, or Laughter-Light-Laughter —- Day 24
Foot Chakra: Terpsichore and Angels
2-2-0 (24) Body-Body-Spirit, or Laughter-Laughter-Love —- Day 25
2-2-1 (25) Body-Body-Soul, or Laughter-Laughter-Light —- Day 26
2-2-2 (26) Body-Body-Body, or Laughter-Laughter-Laughter —- Day 27
(New Moon; 2-3 days of Initiation)

Druids hold the 6th day (0-1-2) of the Manifesting moon to be especially sacred; for us this is because it symbolizes Sat-Chit-Ananda: Spirit-Soul-Body, or Love-Light-Laughter: the full range of Manifestation, from Spirit through Matter. The 22nd day (2-1-0) is equally sacred, as it symbolizes the progress of Ascension: Ananda-Chit-Sat: Body-Soul-Spirit, or Laughter-Light-Love.

As the lunar energy runs up and down through the body, the moon spends alternate months in Manifesting and Ascending cycles; the Manifesting months are called “masculine” (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius), and the Ascending months are called “feminine” (the months of Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces).

The complete Lunar 27-day cycle of Ascension (with nine chakras, nine Muses and nine Realms of the Tree of Life) runs as follows:
(New Moon)
Foot Chakra: Terpsichore and Niflheim or Hel
0-0-0 (0) Body-Body-Body, or Laughter-Laughter-Laughter —- Day 1
0-0-1 (1) Body-Body-Soul, or Laughter-Laughter-Light —- Day 2
0-0-2 (2) Body-Body-Spirit, or Laughter-Laughter-Love —- Day 3
Base Chakra: Euterpe and Nidavellir
0-1-0 (3) Body-Soul-Body, or Laughter-Light-Laughter —- Day 4
0-1-1 (4) Body-Soul-Soul, or Laughter-Light-Light —- Day 5
0-1-2 (5) Body-Soul-Spirit, or Laughter-Light-Love —- Day 6
Sex Chakra: Thalia and Swartalfheim
0-2-0 (6) Body-Spirit-Body, or Laughter-Love-Laughter —- Day 7
0-2-1 (7) Body-Spirit-Soul, or Laughter-Love-Light —- Day 8
0-2-2 (8) Body-Spirit-Spirit, or Laughter-Love-Love —- Day 9
Navel Chakra: Clio and Muspelheim
1-0-0 (9) Soul-Body-Body, or Light-Laughter-Laughter —- Day 10
1-0-1 (10) Soul-Body-Soul, or Light-Laughter-Light —- Day 11
1-0-2 (11) Soul-Body-Spirit, or Light-Laughter-Love —- Day 12
Solar Plexus Chakra: Calliope and Midgard
1-1-0 (12) Soul-Soul-Body, or Light-Light-Laughter —- Day 13
1-1-1 (13) Soul-Soul-Soul, or Light-Light-Light —- Day 14 (Full Moon)
1-1-2 (14) Soul-Soul-Spirit, or Light-Light-Love —- Day 15
Heart Chakra: Erato and Jotunheim
1-2-0 (15) Soul-Spirit-Body, or Light-Love-Laughter —- Day 16
1-2-1 (16) Soul-Spirit-Soul, or Light-Love-Light —- Day 17
1-2-2 (17) Soul-Spirit-Spirit, or Light-Love-Love —- Day 18
Throat Chakra: Polymnia and Alfheim
2-0-0 (18) Spirit-Body-Body, or Love-Laughter-Laughter —- Day 19
2-0-1 (19) Spirit-Body-Soul, or Love-Laughter-Light —- Day 20
2-0-2 (20) Spirit-Body-Spirit, or Love-Laughter-Love —- Day 21
Brow Chakra: Melpomene and Vanaheim
2-1-0 (21) Spirit-Soul-Body, or Love-Light-Laughter —- Day 22
2-1-1 (22) Spirit-Soul-Soul, or Love-Light-Light —- Day 23
2-1-2 (23) Spirit-Soul-Spirit, or Love-Light-Love —- Day 24
Crown Chakra: Urania and Asgard
2-2-0 (24) Spirit-Spirit-Body, or Love-Love-Laughter —- Day 25
2-2-1 (25) Spirit-Spirit-Soul, or Love-Love-Light —- Day 26
2-2-2 (26) Spirit-Spirit-Spirit, or Love-Love-Love —- Day 27
(New Moon; 2-3 days of Initiation)

Here again, the 6th (0-1-2) and 22nd (2-1-0) days of the Moon are especially sacred.

These calendars align the Lunar cycle with the Initiatory subcycle, as the Moon is seen to spend three days in each chakra, gradually flooding through and nourishing the whole body from head to toe and back again. Moreover, by extending the 27-day pattern again into a trinary-hexagram system of 27 Lunar months, we arrive at a basic timetable of two years (or 2 1/2 years, if the 30-day, 30-month calendar is used) for any given Ascension or Manifestation Initiation.

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