05 14-16 Late-May or May-Wane (May 14-16)

(44) May 14-16 (C.C. Orange: Orange) Coronation of the Orange Mage; (I.C. Orange: Blue) Ascension of the “lower-self” of the Blue Planter
Gwydion (Orange Mage) attains the World Name IAHU-WOHE and is crowned by Archangel Eremiel and the Mercurial Elf. Gwydion helps the “lower-self” of his father Amaethon (Blue Planter) ascend into the Overworld by giving him his Asphodel or Daffodil. Amaethon gives the Narcissus or Daffodil to Archangel Eremiel and the Mercurial Elf in exchange for his Name, OWN JURU JURUN.