06 20-26 Mid-Summer or Full-Summer Week (June 20-26)

(48) June 20-22 (C.C. Orange-Yellow: Orange-Yellow) Coronation of the Orange-Yellow Sage; (I.C. Orange-Yellow: Blue-Violet) Ascension of the “lower-self” of the Blue-Violet Mason
Arianrhod (Orange-Yellow Sage) gives her Amber to the “lower-self” of her mother the Cailleach (Blue-Violet Mason); the Cailleach trades the Amber to Archangel Myrrhael and the Lunar Peri in exchange for the Knowledge of Saturn, which she needs to ascend into the Overworld. Arianrhod attains Knowledge of the Moon, and exchanges it with Archangel Myrrhael and the Lunar Peri for the Body of the World, and is crowned.

(1) JUNE 22-24; Noon – 12:10 p.m. (C.C. Yellow: Orange-Yellow) Maturation of Orange-Yellow Sage; (I.C. Yellow: Blue-Violet) Rebirth of Blue-Violet Mason
Arianrhod (Orange-Yellow Sage) moves into the Isle of Leo, and reveals the Body of the Sun to Archangel Mihael and the Solar Ribhu in exchange for her Constellation of Cancer. She gives (re)birth to her daughter the Cailleach (Blue-Violet Mason), the reincarnation of her own mother, initiating the waning half of the year. The Cailleach begins to feed on the excess radiant wisdom of Arianrhod, transmuting it into matter, and inaugurating the fall toward Winter.

(2) JUNE 24-26; 12:10 – 12:20 p.m. (C.C. Yellow: Yellow) Yellow Creator Attains Star-Gates, (I.C. Yellow: Violet) Rebirth of Violet Smith
Beli (Yellow Creator) enters His own Realm. He discovers and offers the Constellation of Leo to Archangel Mihael and the Solar Ribhu, and gains accession to his Starry Throne. He (re)sires his son Lugh (the Violet Smith), the reincarnation of his own father.