11 15-17 Late-Hallows or Hallows-Wane (November 15-17)

(20) November 15-17 (C.C. Blue: Blue) Coronation of the Blue Planter; (I.C. Blue: Orange) Descent of the “lower-self” of the Orange Mage
Amaethon-Taran (Blue Planter) offers the Flax to Uriel, receives the World-Blossom Crown. Amaethon helps the “lower-self” of his father Gwydion descend into the Underworld, by offering him the Name, OWN JURU JURUN, which Gwydion gives to Archangel Uriel and the Centaur in exchange for the Daffodil or Narcissus. (Uriel trades the name, OWN JURU JURUN, to Archangel Eremiel.)