01 06-10 Late-Winter or Winter-Wane Pentad (January 6-10)

(27) January 6-8 (C.C. Violet: Orange-Yellow) Epiphany of the Orange-Yellow Sage; (I.C. Violet: Blue-Violet) Aging of the Blue-Violet Mason
The Cailleach (Blue-Violet Mason) helps her daughter Arianrhod (Orange-Yellow Sage) attain the knowledge of Jupiter for Archangel Gabriel and the Jovial Dwarf and receive her Silver. Arianrhod celebrates her Epiphany.
(28) January 8-10 (C.C. Violet: Yellow) Epiphany of the Yellow Creator; true Candlemas; (I.C. Violet: Violet) Coronation of the Violet Smith
Beli (Yellow Creator) gives the knowledge of Aquarius to Archangel Gabriel and the and the Jovial Dwarf, and receives his Gold Ring. He celebrates his Epiphany, and his father, Lugh-Goibniu (Violet Smith) is crowned with the Grail Crown.