12 05-10 Early-Winter or Winter-Wax Pentad (December 5-10)

(22) December 5-7 (C.C. Blue-Violet: Orange-Yellow) Death of the “lower-self” of the Orange-Yellow Sage; (I.C. Blue-Violet: Blue-Violet) Accession of the Blue-Violet Mason
The Cailleach (Blue-Violet Mason) blinds the “lower-self” of her mother Arianrhod (Orange-Yellow Sage) for her lunatic elitism; Arianrhod brings the Knowledge of Saturn to Archangel Rwkael and receives the Amber. (Rwkael trades the Knowledge of Saturn to Archangel Myrrhael.) The Cailleach is to attain the Sapphire for Archangel Rwkael.
(23) December 8-10 (C.C.) Descent of the Yellow Creator; (I.C.) Aging (Marriage) of the Violet Smith
The “lower-self” of Beli (Yellow Creator) descends into the Underworld, with the help of his son, Lugh-Goibniu. He gives the knowledge of Capricorn to Rwkael. Lugh now marries the Cailleach.