12 19-26 Mid-Winter or Full-Winter Week (December 19-26)

(24) December 19-21 (C.C. Blue-Violet: Blue-Violet) Coronation of the Blue-Violet Mason; (I.C. Blue-Violet: Orange-Yellow) Descent of the “lower-self” of the Orange-Yellow Sage
The Cailleach (Blue-Violet Mason) attains her Sapphire, gives it to Archangel Rwkael, and is crowned with the Crystal Crown. She helps the “lower-self” of her mother Arianrhod (Orange-Yellow Sage) descend into the Underworld.
(25) December 22-24 (C.C. Violet: Blue-Violet) Maturation (Parenthood) of the Blue-Violet Mason; (I.C. Violet: Orange-Yellow) Rebirth of the Orange-Yellow Sage
The Cailleach (Blue-Violet Smith) gives birth to her daughter, Arianrhod (Orange-Yellow Sage). The Cailleach gives the Amethyst to Archangel Gabriel and the Jovial Dwarf and receives her Pewter.
(26) December 24-26 (C.C. Violet: Violet) Accession of the Violet Smith (Parenthood; Accession); (I.C. Violet: Yellow) Rebirth of the Yellow Creator
Lugh-Goibniu (Violet Smith) gives his Lead to Archangel Gabriel and the Jovial Dwarf, and celebrates his accession. His son, Beli (Yellow Creator, also known as Bel, Balor, Baldur, Ysbadadden) is reborn.

Here’s wishing everyone a wondrous Winter Solstice! :-)

…and a Happy Rebirth of the Lunar Sage! :-)




The Lunar Sage is one of the Twelve Archetypes who
progress around the year in my liturgical calendar. As represented by
the “Moon” she actually rules the outermost “planet” of the Solar
System, a thin veil of matter which is actually our System’s yin
(most expanded) subtle-body, in complement to the Sun, our System’s
yang (most contracted) subtle-spirit. This outermost “Lunar” field
retains all the knowledge of the System; she is the holder of the
akashic records. She is our Lady of the Spheres, the planets, and is
the archetype of the Scholar or the Observer. She rules the left eye,
is Amber or silver colored, and is at home in the month before Summer
Solstice, Planet-Month, ruled by her counterpart, the Seraph Myrrhiel.

Each month is essentially “ruled” by an Archangel, and all twelve
Archetypes move through each month in sequence, 2.5 degrees for each
Archetype, each relating to that Archangel in specific ways.
Depending on the mathematical relationship of an Archetype with that
month’s Archangel, we may obtain a High Holiday for that 2.5-day
period. The times around the Solstices and Equinoxes are particularly
rich, as three High Holidays cluster together then, making a weeklong
celebration. For those of us in the Northern hemisphere: Just before
Winter Solstice we were in Crystal-month (Archangel Rwkael and the
Indigo Crone), the last 2.5 days of which saw the Descent of the
Amber Sage into the Underworld, the final waning of the Light. Then
we had full-dark of the Winter Solstice, and now in Metal-month or
Grail-month (Archangel Gabriel and the Violet Smith) we are seeing
the return of the Light, in the rebirth of the Lunar Sage. Tomorrow
and the 25th will see the rebirth of the Solar Creator :-)


Each Archetype presents a particular angle, window on, or approach to
creation, and so offers us a different set of tools to perfect our
appreciation of our own creation. The Lunar Sage as Our Lady of the
Spheres offers the understanding that by paying attention to our subtle
body, our own solar system, we can locate the sources of our
discomfort “out there” in the world as being particles, particular
pinpoints of desire, stars or planets, “in here” in our attention-
field, our subtle body. This breaks the bonds of ignorance in which we
had completely identified with and lost ourselves in one or another of
those spacetime particles. From this new vantage-point as the Witness,
the Observer, the Sage, we can then enter into dialogue with the
particle of desire as a specific planetary seed, an opportunity for
divine learning and growth. As our devatas or devotees, these subtle-
body particles look to us as their personal God/dess, and rightly so,
for being Nothing we can with the merest thought give them anything and
everything they want! :-)


Since these Archetypes all indwell us or
stand around us eternally as our Twelve “Apostles,” we are indeed
able to use one or another of these Archetypal approaches at any
time. Most of us have one or two favorites we consistently use, but
our subtle-DNA or light-body consists of all 12 “strands” or petals
spiralling around our Cosmic Fire-pillar. In terms of space-time, as
all of these Archetypes cycle through every month, and indeed through
every day, there are (theoretically) especially-favorable times every
month or every day for using the specific tools of one Archetype or

However, in terms of the Year, this period around the Winter Solstice
is a particularly High Holiday for these specific archetypes, as only
at Night can we see the stars: it is only through embrace of the Dark
Night (symbolized by the Winter Solstice) that we break our obsessive
and unconscious identification with a given particle and are able to
apperceive our body as the star-field of sidereal desires
(desiderata) — thereby allowing the Witness-consciousness of the
Lunar Sage, Our Lady of Spheres, to be reborn in us.

Next, ca. Dec. 24-26, the Solar Creator is reborn, as we recall that
we are able to give our particles, our children, our devotees, our
devatas, anything they desire, with merely a thought. Our
unconditional love enlightens our devotees and fulfills their every
desire. And then we incarnate those devotees, and enjoy the concrete
fulfillment on the level of the senses of what was merely a thought
to us. That is the flowering of the consciousness of the Solar
Creator, or Golden Imaginer. It is like Santa Claus coming with
presents for all our children, whatever they most desire. As a loving
parent we give our children what they want, and their enjoyment is
our enjoyment.

These two Archtypes, Lunar Sage and Solar Creator, are
the “brightest” of the Twelve, and the first to stir the “Absolute”
and begin to manifest it, but the process continues through the other
ten as well, as the “Absolute” densifies into “physical reality” :-)


R: The bestowals of the various Archetypal tools have definitely
unfolded in a progression of understandings over time, and
continually unfold in more and more power and detail. The
manifestation process itself is essentially instantaneous, but the
closer we look, the more distinct the “alchemical stages” of
manifestation appear. Speaking as a particle/devotee, I am
continually blown away by the ever-unfolding profundities of this
material! :-)


…being in the cosmic flow *could* perhaps apply to the experience
of automatic action in “pre-Brahmanic Cosmic Consciousness,”
or to the experience of the grace-filled particle/devotee
in ecstatic, conscious surrender to God in “pre-Brahmanic
God Consciousness,” or more intensely, to the “experience”
of true surrender of the individual soul into the unspeakable
Great Immensity, i.e. to “Brahman Consciousness.” This on
the other hand is *applying* the understanding of indescribable
ordinariness BEING the “cosmic flow” (Brahman) specifically to
fulfill our particles’ or devata-devotees’ desires, that is, to
experience the mechanics of creation from both the POV of God-the-
immensity and the devotee/devata/particle: in other words, “post-
Brahmanic God-Consciousness”. It appears to be a natural unfoldment
over time after our Awakening into Brahman, of the training we
received with the Sidhi program. All glory to Maharishi, and Guru
Dev, and all those who apparently came before us and poured out the
infinitely abundant grace of this marvelous knowledge to and through

In a currently-favorite 9-chakra Purusha-Prakriti or Shiva-Shakti

“Transcendental Consciousness” results when Purusha/Shiva descends
through the Crown (Adi, Transcendent) and Prakriti/Shakti ascends
through the Feet (Elements). The Threshold Initiation.

“Cosmic Consciousness” results when Purusha/Shiva descends into the
Brow (Avyakta, Witness) and Prakriti/Shakti ascends into the Base
(Karmendriyas, Organs of Action): Witnessing automatic action: A
surrender of sorts even here. The Birth Initiation.

“God Consciousness” results when Purusha/Shiva descends into the
Throat (Mahatma, Bliss) and Prakriti/Shakti ascends into the Sex
(Indriyas, Sense Organs): Bliss-filled senses, kundalini-flows,
awareness of the Celestial, of one’s ecstatic relationship to and in
God. The Baptism Initiation.

“Unity Consciousness” results when Purusha/Shiva descends into the
Heart (Buddhi, Intuition, Higher Mind) and Prakriti/Shakti ascends
into the Navel (Manas, Lower Mind). Now practically the whole range
of creation is enlivened, and one can experience Unity, even with
God, on the “finest-feeling” (Buddhic) level, but one still is
unconsciously or consciously identifying with and through one’s
particle-ego or Solar Angel, located within one’s Sacred Heart or
Solar Plexus. The Transfiguration Initiation.

“Brahman Consciousness” results when Purusha/Shiva descends through
the Sacred Heart/Solar Plexus (Ahamkara) and Prakriti/Shakti ascends
through that same Sacred Heart/Solar Plexus (Ahamkara). Now is broken
forever our involuntary identification with the particle or
intermediary Ego or Soul or Solar Angel, as its function — to
translate between Shiva/Spirit and Prakriti/Body — has been
superceded. Spirit/Body is a direct reality. This is true surrender.
The Crucifixion Initiation, or Nirvana, the “blowing-out” of the
individual Solar Angel.

“Post-Brahmanic Unity Consciousness” results from Purusha/Shiva
descending through the Navel (Manas, Lower Mind) and Prakriti/Shakti
ascending through the Heart (Buddhi, Higher Mind): the paradoxical
reconciliation of Spirit/Body has expanded to occupy what was the
entirety of one’s full mind or soul. This is a re-enlivement of the
intuitive gifts of U.C., but now no longer as a temporal experience
from beyond us, but from within Wholeness ourSelf. As one of
the “walking Dead” one may now realize a certain mastery of spacetime
and one’s service as an Ancestor or Guide for both the living and the
dead. The Initiation of Mastery.

“Post-Brahmanic God Consciousness” results from Purusha/Shiva
descending through the Sex (Indriyas, Sense-Organs) and
Prakriti/Shakti ascending through the Throat (Mahat, Bliss): Re-
enlivenment of the blissful senses of G.C., but again: not as a
temporal experience from beyond us, but now as an expression of
Wholeness fully within ourSelf. Spirit/Body has expanded yet further,
as now one knows oneself to be both an Avatar or personal God to
one’s desire-particles, *and* those devotee/devata particles
themselves. The Initiation of Decision.

“Post-Brahmanic Cosmic Consciousness” results from Purusha/Shiva
descending through the Base (Karmendriyas, Organs of Actions) and
Prakriti/Shakti ascending through the Brow (Avyakta, Witness): Re-
enlivenment of the Witness-Self of C.C., but again, now as an
unfoldment entirely within ourSelf. Here our abilities to serve as
personal God have magnified considerably, as we more fully realize
that because we literally are *not* the particle, are *not* any
thing, are *not* defined by spacetime, we can give the particle *any*
thing, *every* thing, in any realm it desires: even an entire
Universe to rule over all by itself, if that is what it truly
desires. In other words, we can create a dream-bubble of ignoring-Us,
for entertainment purposes only, to completely satisfy a devotee’s
every desire until s/he is ripe and ready to return to Us :-)

And so on. Again, all of this is just a model, a subdimensional Self-
portrait, not the Indescribable ourSelf. It is not intended to
be “believed” but merely enjoyed as a work of art, or used as a tool!

What a blessing it continues to be, to step into, become, and finally
both to bestow and experience that grace-stream! :-)


R: Yes! (One Ah-ha, and then more clarity in time) Always more and more (clarity in time). Although I have been consciously unfolding this material from, in and to myself for some decades now, I did not fully realize that these techniques of particular desire-appreciation and desire-fulfillment were tools of the Lunar Sage and Solar Creator until today, as I was looking more closely at the dynamics of the archetypal liturgy around the Winter Solstice :-)


R: Yes! Still resolving or unfolding themselves in ever-greater
resolution and depth, from different angles! :-)


R: …it was immensely satisfying to rise through OM to come HOME
to one’s “Council of Manifestation” :-)


Happy Holy Days!

I forgot to mention that at each of these 9 States (or more broadly
3×9), the Twelve “Apostles” are available and perceivable in a
different way — “Truth is different in different states of
consciousness” — so in effect we actually have 108 (or even 3×108 =
324) “Apostles”…:-)

And today (and tomorrow) in the Northern Hemisphere, we can celebrate
the rebirth of the Solar Creator…after the Darkest Night of the
Winter Solstice has allowed us to accept the perfection of our Death
(death of the Lunar Sage and Solar Creator), and our inner eye to
adjust to the True devata-devotee star-desires of our subtle body
(rebirth of the Lunar Sage), we can come to those devata-devotees and
Imagine for them whatever they want (rebirth of the Solar Creator),
bringing our “children” gifts and enjoying their enjoyment as our
own :-)


108 Apostles fit in or across time; we could say that by their apparent existence they are, or are the co-creators of, the fabric of spacetime :-)

(In response to a friend’s hoping that I continue to soak in brightest bliss and satisfy
my ongoing deepest desires:)

I appreciate the sentiment, but in a way that’s a really great curse,
isn’t it?! *lol* In one sense I have no ongoing deepest desires that
I am aware of; these are the desires of the devata/devotees who
believe themselves to be separate from me and so co-create the
universal body of illusion. It would be their desire, not mine, to
continue to soak in brightest bliss. If I thought my children’s
desires were really “mine” I would be suffering indeed, haplessly
identifying with one or another of the 108, fully immersed in the
movie myself and in no position to assist those who believe
themselves to be separate and suffering in it! Not that there’s
anything wrong with that, either, of course! :-)

(To a friend’s wishing all the best to me and mine:)

I love you too…!

The divine heart is so beautiful, isn’t it! :-)