123: Jupiter and Saturn as Initiators

In Alignment of the Nine Muses and Chakras with the Solar Calendar: the Nine Great Initiations of our Inner Christos and Inner Magdalene, we established two Initiatory Cycles — one Descending, or Manifesting or Incarnating (Christos), from Summer Solstice through Fall Equinox to Winter Solstice, and one Ascending (Magdalene), from Winter Solstice through Spring Equinox to Summer Solstice. Since there are eight Initiations every six zodiac signs, each Initiation lasts 3/4 of a sign, 22.5 degrees out of that sign’s 30 degrees, or nine of the sign’s twelve uncials of 2.5 degrees each. In that paper we aligned the Circle with both the Wheel of the Year and the Cycle of the Day; but we can also integrate other planetary cycles into this initiatory system. Two that particularly stand out are Jupiter and Saturn.

Jupiter takes about twelve years to complete its orbit around the sun, and so spends about one year in each of the zodiac signs, and nine months in each of the Initiations: one month in each of the uncials. From this we can see that another name for the Jupiter’s Threshold Initiation would be Conception, as the Birth Initiation occurs nine months later. The Jupiter initiatory cycle seems particluarly apt for Initiations of gravity, growth, accumulation, amalgamation, and beginnings — the keynotes of the Violet Smith and Taurus-Equinox Aquarius.

Saturn has an orbit of about thirty years, and spends about 2.5 years in each of the signs, and about 22.5 months in each of the Initiations: 2.5 months in each of the uncials. Since each uncial has 2.5 degrees, Saturn progresses through each degree in about one month. This Saturn cycle appears quite closely related to my own Initiatory cycle, as depicted in my Spiritual Autobiography. The Saturn Initiatory cycle seems quite apt for Initiations of levity, release, freedom, and endings — the keynotes of the Indigo Mason (stonecutter, or Cailleach) and T.-E. Capricorn. In the Celtic myth-cycles, a hero only achieved sovereignty after embracing the Hag, or Cailleach: a poetic acknowledgement of the need to acknowledge Saturn in one’s journey of self-discovery and self-mastery.