138: Color Theory and the Theosophical Rays: Some Notes on their Generation

In Gnostic Magical Patterns in the Theosophical Rays, we correlated the Theosophical Rays with the Demiurges in the Rorian Tradition. Now, let’s look at Color Theory to gain some insight into the generation of the Rays, and their psychological qualities.

The first three Theosophical Rays emanating from the White Light of the Monad are:

First, the Red Ray of Will, Power, and Sovereignty: our Red Hunter of Fiery Zeal (Lord of the Beasts); the Vedic Rudra/Shiva,

Second, the Blue Ray of Love-Wisdom, Expansion, and Generosity: our Blue Planter of Electrical Generosity (Lord of the Blossoms); the Vedic Indra/Vishnu,

Third, the Yellow Ray of Active Intelligence and Mental Creativity: our Yellow Creator of Imagination (Lord of the Stars); the Vedic Brahma.

Red, Blue, and Yellow are the three primary colors, and represent the three Fire Signs: Red Hunter is the Cardinal Fire of Aries; Blue Planter is the Mutable Fire of Sagittarius; and Yellow Creator the Fixed Fire of Leo. These primaries are all trine — 1/3 of the circle, 120 degrees or four signs between — one another. Recombining these three primary rays brings us back to the White Light of the Monadic Center: a powerful part of the Initiatory process, as outlined about midway through my Autobiography, Initiation V: Mastery, Part II.

Next, we mix two of the primary colors to generate each of the three secondary colors.

Yellow and Blue give us the Fourth, the Green Ray of Harmony, Equilibrium, and Right Action: our Green Priest of Compassionate Right Action (Lord of the Dharma-Gifts); the Vedic Savitri. Harmonious Action (Green) is a combination of Imagination (Yellow) and Generosity (Blue).

Red and Yellow make the Fifth, the Orange Ray of Truth, New-Age Science, and Concrete Intelligence: our Orange Mage of True Speech (Lord of the Vibratory Science); the Vedic Varuna. Magic (Orange) is a combination of Will (Red) and Imagination (Yellow).

Blue and Red produce the Sixth (corrected from Seventh), the Violet Ray of Alchemy: Our Violet Smith of Responsible Gravity (Lord of the Metals); the Vedic Bhaga. Responsibility (Violet) is a combination of Generosity (Blue) and Will (Red).

The three secondary colors represent the three Air Signs: Green Priest is the Cardinal Air of Libra; Orange Mage is the Mutable Air of Gemini; and Violet Smith is the Fixed Air of Aquarius. Each of these three Air secondaries is midway between its two constituent Fire primaries; it is in sextile — 1/6 of the circle, 60 degrees or two signs — from each of them. Green Priest’s Libra is midway between Yellow Leo and Blue Sagittarius; Orange Mage’s Gemini is midway between Red Aries and Yellow Leo; and Violet Smith’s Aquarius is midway between Blue Sagittarius and Red Aries.

Each of the Air secondaries opposes — 1/2 of the circle, six signs or 180 degrees from — the one Fire primary color it does not contain. As Green Libra is a combination of Yellow and Blue, it opposes Red Aries; Compassionate Harmony is the opposite of Willful Power. As Orange Gemini is a mix of Red and Yellow, it opposes Blue Sagittarius; Truth is the opposite of Expansive Generosity. And as Violet Aquarius is a blend of Red and Blue, it opposes Yellow Leo; Responsible Gravity is the opposite of Imaginative Creativity. Each of these is in effect the shadow of its opposite. Combining opposites also completes the primary triad and brings us back to the White Light of the Monadic Center.

Next, we mix each Fire primary with its subsequent Air secondary to generate the three tertiary colors of Earth.

Blue and Violet make the Seventh (corrected from Sixth), the Indigo Ray of True Religion and Ascension: our Indigo Mason of Earthy Craft (Lady of Crystals); the Vedic Twashtri. Earthy Understanding (Blue-Violet) is a combination of Generosity (Blue) and Responsibility (Violet). Since Violet is itself a secondary blend of primaries Blue and Red, we can also say that Earthy Understanding combines two parts Generosity (Blue) with one part Will (Red).

Yellow and Green make the Eighth, the Chartreuse Ray of Innocence and Music: Our Yellow-Green Enchanter (Lady of Songs); the Vedic Shakra. Innocent Memory (Yellow-Green) is a blend of Imagination (Yellow) and Harmony (Green). Because Green is itself a secondary blend of primaries Yellow and Blue, we can further analyze Innocence as a blend of two parts Imagination (Yellow) with one part Generosity (Blue).

Red and Orange make the Ninth, the Rosy-Pink Ray of Devotion and Prosperity: Our Red-Orange Abbess (Lady of Treasures); the Vedic Amsa. Loving Devotion (Red-Orange) is a blend of Will (Red) and Magic (Orange). Because Orange is itself a secondary blend of primaries Yellow and Red, we can also say that Devotion (Red-Orange) blends two parts Will (Red) and one part Imagination (Yellow).

These three tertiary colors are the three Earth signs: Blue-Violet Mason is the Cardinal Earth of Capricorn; Yellow-Green Enchanter is the Mutable Earth of Virgo; and Red-Orange Abbess is the Fixed Earth of Taurus. Each of these three Earth tertiaries is midway between its Fire primary and its Air secondary constituents; it is in semisextile — 1/12 of the circle, 30 degrees, or one sign — from each of them.

Finally, we blend each Air secondary with its subsequent Fire primary to generate the other three tertiary, or to make things clearer let us call them quartenary, colors of Water.

Orange and Yellow make the Tenth, the Amber Ray of Akashic Wisdom: Our Orange-Yellow Sage (Lady of the Planetary Spheres); the Vedic Daksha or Bhuvaneshvari. Wisdom (Orange-Yellow) is a blend of Magical Truth (Orange) and Creative Imagination (Yellow). Because Orange is itself a secondary blend of primaries Red and Yellow, we can say that Wisdom blends one part Will (Red) and two parts Creative Imagination (Yellow).

Violet and Red comprise the Eleventh, the Magenta Ray of Magnetic Communion: Our Magenta Forester (Lady of the Trees); the Vedic Mitra. Communion and Forgiveness (Violet-Red) is a mixture of Responsibility (Violet) and Will (Red). Because Violet is itself a secondary mix of primaries Blue and Red, Forgiveness mixes one part Generosity (Blue) and two parts Will (Red).

Green and Blue make up the Twelfth, the Turquoise Ray of Soul Regeneration: Our Green-Blue Fowler (Lady of the Birds): the Vedic Vivaswat. Seeking, Gestation, and Sacred Space (Green-Blue) is a mix of Harmony (Green) and Generosity (Blue). Because Green is itself a secondary mix of primaries Yellow and Blue, we can analyze Regeneration further into one part Creative Imagination (Yellow) and two parts Generosity (Blue).

These three quarternary colors are the three Water signs: Orange-Yellow Sage is the Cardinal Water of Cancer; Magenta Forester is the Mutable Water of Pisces; and Green-Blue Fowler is the Fixed Water of Scorpio. Each of these three Water quarternaries is midway between its Air secondary and its Fire primary constituents; it is in semisextile — 1/12 of the circle, 30 degrees, or one sign — from each of them.

Like the Air and Fire colors, each of the Water colors is opposite (180 degrees, six signs apart) from the Earth color containing the Fire and Air components which are opposite to that Water colors’s Air and Fire components. Thus, Orange-Yellow is opposite Blue-Violet; Violet-Red is opposite Yellow-Green; and Green-Blue is opposite Red-Orange.

However, when we further analyze each Water and Earth color into its three primaries, we find that that each pair of opposites shares one primary color, which is midway between those opposites and squared — 1/4 of the circle, 90 degrees, or three signs — from both:

Cancer’s Orange-Yellow (Red, Yellow, Yellow) and Capricorn’s Blue-Violet (Blue, Blue, Red) each share a single Red component: Red is Aries, which is squared to both Cancer and Capricorn and midway between them.

Pisces’ Violet-Red (Blue, Red, Red) and Virgo’s Yellow-Green (Yellow, Yellow, Blue) each share a single Blue component, and Blue is Sagittarius, midway between and squared to both Pisces and Virgo.

Scorpio’s Green-Blue (Yellow, Blue, Blue) and Taurus’ Red-Orange (Red, Red, Yellow) each share a single Yellow component. Yellow is Leo, midway between and squared to both Scorpio and Taurus.

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