142: Purusharthas, Gunas, and Aeons


The four Purusharthas and the four Cardinal Virtues

In Hinduism, Purusharthas are Personal Goals: the Arthas, or objectives, of the Purusha, the person, both human and divine. Purusharthas are our divinely-sowed aims, or seeds of purpose, instilled or nurtured by Purusha or Us as personal God/dess Self in order to grow and evolve. These seeds or needs are actually manifestations or expressions of our own limitless divine Self, multiplied infinitely and collapsed into spacetime as separate I-points or Devatas for playing in creation.

Hinduism recognizes four Purusharthas: Kama or Passionate Desire, Artha or Wealth, Dharma or Righteousness, and Moksha, or Liberation. These four Purusharthas manifest as the four Western Cardinal Virtues, with Passionate Desire expressing through Strong-mindedness or Fortitude, Wealth through Providence or Prudence, Righteousness through Justice, and Liberation through Temperance (meaning moderation, blending with the whole, and mastery of the senses or freedom from addiction).

The four Personal aims and virtues correlate with the four Aeonian elements of Fire (Kama or Passionate Desire and Fortitude), Earth (Artha or Wealth and Prudence), Air (Dharma or Righteousness and Justice) and Water (Moksha or Liberation and Temperance). (While agreeing with us in ascribing Earth to Artha and Water to Moksha, some Jyotish astrologers assign Air to Kama and Fire to Dharma, which does not strike us as intuitively apt; we cite Libra’s airy scales of Justice and the self-evidently fiery nature of desire as conclusive.)

These four elemental virtues or aims also appear as the four minor rays of Theosophy: Earth and Prudent Wealth or Artha as the seventh ray of alchemy and ceremonial magic; Water and Temperate Liberation or Moksha as the sixth ray of devotional idealism; Fire and Fortitudinous Passion or Kama as the fifth ray of concrete truth or mind; and Air and Righteous Justice or Dharma as the fourth ray of harmony through conflict.

The three Gunas and the three Theological Virtues

In Hinduism, the three primordial Gunas or principles of Brahman or Totality are Sat or Being (Love or Prema), Chit or Consciousness (Light or Jyoti), and Ananda, or Bliss (Laughter). These three reflect into the Matrix of Divine Matter, with Sat forming Sattva or centripetal coherence of creation, Chit forming Rajas or radiant rotation of maintenance, and Ananda forming Tamas or centrifugal dissolution of destruction.

From an interior (subjective or “heavenly”) point of view, Sattva is the massive gravitational or loving coalescence of the so-called black hole, collapsing into Rajas the central, swiftly-rotating I AM singularity of spiraling radiant light, then expelling outward and dissipating into Tamas the energetic so-called white hole of outward creation. This may either be seen as ascending from Being (the body) through Consciousness (the soul) to Bliss (the spirit), or as descending from Being (the spirit) through Consciousness (the soul) to Bliss (the body).

From an exterior (objective or “earthly”) point of view, Sattva is the white hole of outward creation coalescing, then rotating as Rajas the equatorial galactic or universal disk, then dissipating into Tamas the black hole of destruction. Thus, the creation of an interior reality corresponds to the destruction of an exterior one, and vice versa. Holding both simultaneously, we see there is no true creation or destruction, only the eternal flow of a torus-field, in eternal flow like the electromagnetic field around and through a magnet.

The three Material Gunas manifest as the three Western Theological Virtues, with Sattva being cohesive Love or Charity, Rajas being radiant Faith, and Tamas being dispersing Hope.

These three Material principles and virtues correlate with the Aeonian Triad of Cardinal (Sat, Sattva or Being and Love), Fixed (Chit, Rajas or Consciousness and Faith), and Mutable Signs (Ananda, Tamas or Bliss and Hope).

These three gunas or theological virtues also appear as the three major rays of Theosophy: Mutable, Blissful, Energetic Hope is the third ray of active intelligence; Fixed, Radiant Faith is the second ray of love-wisdom; and Cardinal, Material Love is the first ray of will.

The Purusharthas, the Gunas, and the Aeons

By combining the four Purusharthas or Cardinal Virtues of the Divine Person with the three Gunas or Theological Virtues of the Divine Matter, we arrive at the principles and purposes of the twelve Archetypal Aeons themselves, with accompanying affirmations or sutras and some of their titles:

Taurus, the Red-Orange Priestess or Lover:  Fixed Earth, Rajas-Artha, or Radiantly-Conscious Faithful Providence or Prudence (Wealth): I give you radiantly enlightened wealth. One of her titles is Siddhartha, signifying Perfection of Wealth or the Perfect Aim. Another is Artha Raj(eshwari), the Lord (or Lady) of Wealth. Others are Bodhi Raj(eshwari) or Buddhi Raj(eswari); Boddhichitta, Buddhi Jyoti; Artha Chit or Artha Chitta; Artha Jyoti; Rahu Raj(eshwari).

Gemini, the Orange Magician:  Mutable Air, Tamas-Dharma, or Blissfully Hopeful Justice (Righteousness): I give you blissful righteousness and right action. With the Jade Enchantress he co-rules the Atmic realm; one of their titles is Atmananda. Some of his titles are Dharma-Ananda or Dharmananda (as the Gemini Twins Yama and Yami); Atma Dharma; Vayu-Ananda or Vayvananda; Ananda Bodhi; Bodhananda.

Cancer, the Orange-Yellow Sage:  Cardinal Water, Sattva-Moksha, or Essential Loving Liberation: I give you loving liberation. Some of her titles are Moksha Sat; Moksha Prema; Avyakta Sat or Avyakta Sattva; Avyakta Prema; Anupadaka Prema; Jala Sat, Jala Prema, Chandra Sattva; Chandra Prema; Bhuvaneshwari.

Leo, the Yellow Creator:  Fixed Fire, Rajas-Kama, or Radiantly-Conscious Faithful Fortitude (Passionate Desire): I give you radiantly enlightened passion, and conscious fulfillment of desire. One of his titles is Kama Raj, the Lord of Passion or Lord of Desire; others are Kama Chit; Kama Jyoti; Avyakta Chitta; Avyakta Raj; Avyakta Jyoti; Tejo Raj; Teja Chitta; Tejo Jyoti; Surya Raj.

Virgo, the Jade Enchantress:  Mutable Earth, Tamas-Artha, Blissfully Hopeful Providence or Prudence (Wealth): I give you blissful wealth. As with the Orange Mage she co-rules the Atmic realm, one of their titles is Atmananda. Some of her titles are Arthananda; Atmartha; Akashananda; Ketu-Ananda or Ketvananda.

Libra, the Green Priest or Caregiver:  Cardinal Air, Sattva-Dharma, Essential Loving Justice (Righteousness): I give you loving righteousness and right action. As with the Priestess he co-rules the Vijnana or Buddhic realm, one of his titles is Bodhi-Dharma; others are Bodhi-Sattva; Dharma Sat, Sat Dharma or Saddharma; Dharma Prema; Vayuprema; Shukraprema.

Scorpio, the Turquoise Fowler or Seeker:  Fixed Water, Rajas-Moksha, Radiantly-Conscious Faithful Liberation: I give you radiantly enlightened liberation. One of her titles is Moksha Raj(eshwari), the Lord (or Lady) of Liberation; others are Moksha Jyoti; Moksha Chit; Mano-Jyoti; Manas Chit; Manomoksha; Jala Raj(eshwari), the Lord (or Lady) of the Lake; Jala Jyoti; Jala Chitta.

Sagittarius, the Blue Planter:  Mutable Fire, Tamas-Kama, Blissfully Hopeful Fortitude (Passionate Desire): I give you blissful passion; or blissful fulfillment of desire. With the Magenta Forestress he co-rules the Astral or Pranic realm of the Indriyas; one of their titles is Pranananda. Some of his titles are Kamananda; Pranakama; Indra-Kama; Indrananda, Tejananda.

Capricorn, the Indigo Mason:  Cardinal Earth, Sattva-Artha, Essential Loving Providence or Prudence (Wealth): I give you loving wealth. Some of her titles are Artha Sat; Artha Prema; Anna Sat; Anna Prema; Karma Sat; Karma Prema; Bhumi Prema; Shani Sattva; Shani Prema.

Aquarius, the Violet Smith:  Fixed Air, Rajas-Dharma, Radiantly-Conscious Faithful Justice (Righteousness): I give you radiantly enlightened righteousness and right action. Some of his titles are Dharma Raj: the Lord of Righteousness; Guru Raj; Guru Jyoti; Dharma Chit; Dharma Jyoti; Karma Raj; Karma Chitta; Karma Jyoti; Karma Guru; Vayu Raj; Vayu Chitta; Vayu Jyoti; Anna Jyoti; Anna Raj; Anna Chitta; Anna Guru; Grail King.

Pisces, the Magenta Forestress:  Mutable Water, Tamas-Moksha, Blissfully Hopeful Liberation: I give you blissful liberation. With the Blue Planter she co-rules the Astral or Pranic realm of the Indriyas; some of their titles are Pranananda; Indrananda. Some of her titles are Mokshananda; Pranamoksha; Indramoksha; Jalananda.

Aries, the Red Hunter:  Cardinal Fire, Sattva-Kama, Essential Loving Fortitude (Passionate Desire): I give you loving passion; or loving fulfillment of desire. As with the Fowler he co-rules the Manasic realm, one of his titles is Kama-Manas or Mano-Kama. Others are Kama Sat; Kama Prema; Mano Prema; Tejo Prema; Teja Sattva; Tejo-Manas; Agni Manas; Agni Prema; Agni Sattva; Mangala Sattva; Mangala Prema.

We can also combine the four elements to arrive at three basic Prakriti-Guna affirmations or sutras, each with four Aeons:

Sattva or Love-Essence: Red Hunter, Orange-Yellow Sage, Green Priest, Indigo Mason: I give you loving passion (or loving fulfillment of desire), loving liberation, loving righteousness, and loving wealth.

Rajas or Light-Consciousness: Red-Orange Priestess, Yellow Creator, Turquoise Fowler, Violet Smith: I give you radiantly enlightened wealth, radiantly enlightened passion (or radiant fulfillment of desire), radiantly enlightened liberation, and radiantly enlightened righteousness.

Tamas or Bliss: Orange Mage, Yellow-Green Enchantress, Blue Planter, Magenta Forestress: I give you blissful righteousness, blissful wealth, blissful passion (or blissful fulfillment of desire), and blissful liberation.

We can also combine the three gunas to arrive at four basic elemental Purushartha affirmations or sutras, each with three Aeons:

Artha or Earth:  Red-Orange Priestess, Jade Enchantress, Indigo Mason: I give you loving, radiantly enlightened, blissful wealth.

Dharma or Air:  Orange Magician, Green Priest, Violet Smith: I give you loving, radiantly enlightened, blissful righteousness and right action.

Moksha or Water:  Orange-Yellow Sage, Turquoise Fowler, Magenta Forester: I give you loving, radiantly enlightened, blissful liberation.

Kama or Fire:  Yellow Creator, Blue Planter, Red Hunter: I give you loving, radiantly enlightened, blissful passion and fulfillment of desire.