101: Artes Magicae: An Introduction to the Rorian Mysteries

Artes Magicae is Latin for the Magical Arts.

Artes Magicae was the name of the shop and Temple that my wife and I owned and ran in Salem, Massachusetts in the mid-1990s. The front room was the store, which contained (and sometimes sold) lots of second-hand and a few new esoteric books, together with prints of some of my magical artwork, incense, crystals, jewelry, drums, harps, the occasional robe, sword, chalice, tarot deck or bag, and other odd or unusual items we would find here and there.

The back room was the Temple, where we had painted 12 large murals of the Demiurgic Archetypes and Buddhic Archangels, together with their 144 corresponding attributes. I had consecrated this Temple as a large power spot, sacred space, and Immortality Chamber. The Temple was where we did most of our psychospiritual readings, healings, drumming, chanting, teaching, and Initiations. That Temple is gone now but the knowledge it embodied remains, much of which is now available on this website.

What exactly are the Magical Arts? The word Magic comes to us through the Latin from the Greek Mageia, derived in turn from Magoi, the Greek term for the Persian priests or Magi. These Magi are familiar to us as the Wise Men from the East who came following the Star in the Christian mythos. As the New Testament implies, the Magi were astrologers, intent — as all good priests are — on reconnecting Heaven and Earth. And this is the true and deepest aim of Artes Magicae, the Magical Arts: to become Magi; to align our individuality with the immortal Whole; to rediscover our starry body; to bring Heaven to Earth and Earth to Heaven; to witness the rebirth and triumph of our Inner Christos and Inner Magdalene.