107: The Grail Restored: Rorian Astrology, the Original Zodiac and Planetary Double Helix

The Original Zodiac and the Planetary Double Helix

Many millennia ago, human consciousness suffered a great rift, wherein our innate understanding of our own completeness and perfect balance was lost. Our Animus or Christ or inner male (God) and our Anima or Magdalen or inner female (Goddess) suffered an alchemical “divorce;” we forgot our own divinity, lost the immortal Grail, and hence lost our magical ability to manifest or recognize Heaven on Earth. This loss is reflected in our current understanding of the zodiac, as it represents our divine body-image. By examining the traditional zodiac pattern, we may understand and then repair it by integrating the insights of the Rorian Tradition, thereby celebrating anew the Alchemical Marriage, recovering the Grail, and manifesting anew our Earthly Heaven and Heavenly Earth.

Let’s take an ordinary clock-face and rotate it counterclockwise fifteen degrees: The top of the clock, “noon,” now lies midway between twelve and one, and the bottom of the clock, “six,” now lies midway between six and seven. Our new “noon” will represent the Mid-Summer Solstice (ca. June 22), and our new “six” will be the Mid-Winter Solstice (ca. December 22). Mid-Spring Equinox (ca. March 21) lies at the left, midway between nine and ten, and Mid-Fall Equinox (ca. September 23) lies at the right, midway between three and four. Now the clock numbers are in the correct positions for the order of the months:

(Mid-Summer Solstice)

One: ca. June 22 – July 22

Two: ca. July 23 – August 23

Three: ca. August 24 – September 23

(Mid-Fall Equinox)

Four: ca. September 24 – October 23

Five: ca. October 24 – November 22

Six: ca. November 23 – December 21

(Mid-Winter Solstice)

Seven: ca. December 22 – January 21

Eight: ca. January 22 – February 19

Nine: ca. February 20 – March 21

(Mid-Spring Equinox)

Ten: ca. March 22 – April 20

Eleven: ca. April 21 – May 21

Twelve: ca. May 22 – June 22

(and back to Mid-Summer Solstice)

The traditional colors and planets for the signs of the Zodiac are:

Red: ARIES, ruled by Mars

Red-Orange: TAURUS, ruled by Venus

Orange: GEMINI, ruled by Mercury

Orange-Yellow: CANCER, ruled by the Moon

Yellow: LEO, ruled by the Sun

Yellow-Green: VIRGO, ruled by Mercury

Green: LIBRA, ruled by Venus

Green-Blue: SCORPIO, ruled by Mars

Blue: SAGITTARIUS, ruled by Jupiter

Blue-Violet: CAPRICORN, ruled by Saturn

Violet: AQUARIUS, ruled by Saturn

Violet-Red: PISCES, ruled by Jupiter

The simple colors (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet) denote the traditionally “masculine” signs (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius), and the compound colors (Red-Orange, Orange-Yellow, Yellow-Green, Green-Blue, Blue-Violet, Violet-Red) denote the traditionally “feminine” signs (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces).

The traditional pattern establishes a Primordial “Ladder of the Planets,” with the two brightest Luminaries, Moon in CANCER and Sun in LEO, at the top, flanking the Mid-Summer Solstice, the lightest day of the Year; followed by all the (then-known) planets in order out from the Sun, each ruling two signs (one “masculine” and one “feminine”), down to the darkest — Saturn (in CAPRICORN and AQUARIUS) — at the bottom, flanking the Mid-Winter Solstice, the darkest day of the Year:

* * * * * * * * * Mid-Summer Solstice * * * * * * * * *
[Orange-Yellow] CANCER (Moon)(Sun) LEO [Yellow]

[ Orange ] GEMINI (Mercury) VIRGO [Yellow-Green]

[Red-Orange] TAURUS (Venus) LIBRA [Green]

Mid-Spring Equinox (Earth) Mid-Fall Equinox

[ Red ] ARIES ( Mars ) SCORPIO [Green-Blue]

[Violet-Red] PISCES (Jupiter) SAGITTARIUS [Blue]

[ Violet ] AQUARIUS (Saturn) CAPRICORN [Blue-Violet]

* * * * * * * * * Mid-Winter Equinox * * * * * * * * *

Because the Earth’s axis gyroscopically wobbles as it traverses the Heavens, the entire zodiac regresses through all twelve signs in a complete cycle of 25,920 years, so that in every Age of 2160 years the calendar begins (traditionally at Mid-Spring Equinox) with the zodiac sign before the one in the last Age. This is called the Precession of the Equinoxes. We are now completing the Age of Pisces — when the Mid-Spring Equinox showed the first degree of the Constellation Pisces at Dawn — and moving into the Age of Aquarius, when the Mid-Spring Equinox shows the last degree of the Constellation Aquarius at Dawn. Thus, all those born in the month after Mid-Spring Equinox would now be Pisceans, not Arians; those born in the month prior to Mid-Spring Equinox would now be Aquarians, not Pisceans; and so forth around the Wheel. This is of utmost importance for discovering the characteristics of each Age; we are now moving from the Piscean symbols — the Carpenter, the Tree, the Baptismal font, the Fish, and Forgiveness — to the Aquarian symbols of the Smith or Alchemist, the Grail and the Ring, the Boar or Elephant, and Responsibility.

The Ladder of the Planets given above shows the Mid-Spring equinox between ARIES and TAURUS; it is at 0 degrees Taurus, the end of the Age of Taurus and beginning of the Age of Aries. This would date to about 2320 B.C.E. However, because of its deep resonance with the chakras, I don’t believe this particular pattern was meant to be tied to the precession of the equinoxes, but rather is a kind of spiritual psychology of our subtle anatomy as it relates to systemic and planetary (not stellar) rhythms, and as such is permanent, unchanging. I call this pattern the Primordial Tradition. This gives us a spectrum of nine points, from brightest to darkest, which we may equate with the Nine Chakras, thus:

CROWN: Mid-Summer Solstice

THIRD EYE: Moon & Sun

THROAT: Mercury

HEART: Venus

SOLAR PLEXUS: Earth (Spring & Fall Equinox)


SEX: Jupiter

BASE: Saturn

FEET: Mid-Winter Solstice

But, as we noted at the start of this paper, there are still some problems with the system as given above: one is the (re-)discovery of the outer planets Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and possibly a trans-Plutonian planet we will call Proserpina. (I believe there may be one more planet still further out, which I will call Isis; and a “Moon” or final “skin” or outer boundary of the Solar System, which serves as a repository for all the System records.)

Astrologers have tentatively assigned Uranus to Aquarius and Neptune to Pisces, thus beginning a logical progress: down the waning months, from Leo through Capricorn, with the inner planets through Saturn; then up the waxing months, from Aquarius to Cancer, with the planets beyond Saturn.

However, almost everyone balks at the next logical step, assigning Pluto to Aries; most feel it rules Scorpio, thus beginning a kind of double helix return up through the chakras.

Furthermore, after much meditation, I now believe that the system is fundamentally flawed by ignoring the Asteroids: they do follow Bode’s Law in their placement between Mars and Jupiter, as if they were a primeval planet or planetary mass. I believe this subtle body should be restored to the zodiac, and I call this Asteroidal consciousness Dionysus or Bacchus, the Seed-Planter; the Asteroids resemble space-seeds. Restoring this planetary mass to the pattern brings us to the Rorian System: a perfect double-helix of the twelve (or fourteen) planets, thus:

* * * * * * * * * Mid-Summer Solstice * * * * * * * * *

[Orange-Yellow] CANCER (“Moon”) * (Sun) LEO [Yellow]

[ Orange ] GEMINI (Mercury) * (South Node) VIRGO [Yellow-Green]

[Red-Orange] TAURUS (North Node) * (Venus) LIBRA [Green]

Mid-Spring Equinox (Earth & Pluto) Mid-Fall Equinox

[ Red ] ARIES ( Mars ) * (Neptune) SCORPIO [Green-Blue]

[Violet-Red] PISCES (Uranus) * (Bacchus) SAGITTARIUS [Blue]

[Violet] AQUARIUS (Jupiter) * (Saturn) CAPRICORN [Blue-Violet]

* * * * * * * * * Mid-Winter Solstice * * * * * * * * *

In the Rorian system, Earth and Pluto share a point at the center, and do not rule any specific signs (although we could externalize them with a zodiac of thirteen or fourteen signs). The North Node substitutes for the planet Proserpina; the South Node stands in for Isis, and the “Moon” is the outermost veil of the Solar System. Thus, we have a downward or Manifestation spiral: Sun – Mercury – Venus – (Earth) – Mars – Asteroids/Bacchus – Jupiter, linking all the simple-colored or “Male” Signs; and an upward or Ascension spiral: Saturn – Uranus – Neptune – (Pluto) – North Node/Proserpina – South Node/Isis – “Moon,” linking all the compound-colored or “Female” Signs. These two spirals make a lovely double helix, which we will explore in more detail below.

In order, then, we now have the Rorian Calendar system:

(Mid-Summer Solstice)

One: LEO (Yellow), ca. June 22 – July 22, ruled by the SUN

Two: VIRGO (Yellow-Green), ca. July 23 – August 23, ruled by ISIS/SOUTH NODE

Three: LIBRA (Green), ca. August 24 – September 23, ruled by VENUS

(Mid-Fall Equinox)

Four: SCORPIO (Green-Blue), ca. September 24 – October 23, ruled by NEPTUNE

Five: SAGITTARIUS (Blue), ca. October 24 – November 22, ruled by BACCHUS

Six: CAPRICORN (Blue-Violet), ca. November 23 – December 21, ruled by SATURN

(Mid-Winter Solstice)

Seven: AQUARIUS (Violet), ca. December 22 – January 21, ruled by JUPITER

Eight: PISCES (Violet-Red), ca. January 22 – February 19, ruled by URANUS

Nine: ARIES (Red), ca. February 20 – March 21, ruled by MARS

(Mid-Spring Equinox)

Ten: TAURUS (Red-Orange), ca. March 22 – April 20, ruled by PROSERPINA/NORTH NODE

Eleven: GEMINI (Orange), ca. April 21 – May 21, ruled by MERCURY

Twelve: CANCER (Orange-Yellow), ca. May 22 – June 22, ruled by the “MOON”

(and back to Mid-Summer Solstice)

The “new” colors of the planets in the Rorian System — Blue for Bacchus, Violet for Jupiter, Blue-Violet or Indigo for Saturn, Purple-Red or Magenta for Uranus, Green-Blue or Turquoise for Neptune, and Black for Pluto — resonate perfectly with our intuition.

Now, our revised Nine-Chakra Planetary System looks like this:

CROWN: Mid-Summer Solstice

THIRD EYE: “Moon” & Sun

THROAT: Mercury & Isis

HEART: Proserpina & Venus

SOLAR PLEXUS: Earth & Pluto

NAVEL: Mars & Neptune

SEX: Uranus & Bacchus

BASE: Jupiter & Saturn

FEET: Mid-Winter Solstice

The specifics of the Rorian system are most interesting: Jupiter and Saturn — the two giant planets — are the “anchors,” the male and female polarities of our Base chakra. The Rorian system perfectly preserves the intuitive resonance of planetary octaves — e.g. Sun and Saturn, Mercury and Uranus; Venus and Neptune — as inverse reflections, “as above, so below,” up or down across the horizontal equinoctial midline (See High Feast Patterns for more on inverse properties). This system also restores Pluto to its proper octaval place as a kind of “other-Earth” or underworld.

The Rorian system thus sees the twelve signs as a projection of a beautifully interwoven God and Goddess, with the male Planets spiralling downward from Crown to Feet, and the female Planets spiralling upward from Feet to Crown. Our inner male and inner female are finally recognized and renuited in Alchemical Marriage, and we reattain the long-lost immortal Grail, our ability to manifest Heaven on Earth.

This male-and-female double helix, crisscrossing and spiraling around the central spinal column of the solstice line, appears not only as the DNA pattern of modern scientific thought, but also as the two serpents entwined about a Tree of Life in ancient Mesopotamian art, as the two serpents wrapped about the caduceus of Hermes or Mercury in Greco-Roman mythology, as the female (white) Ida and male (red) Pingala spiralling about the central spinal Sushumna of kundalini or serpent-energy in Vedic thought, and as the two dragons — one red, one white — fighting beneath Dinas Emrys (the Mount of Immortality) in Myrddin’s vision. In this Celtic picture, the red (Pingala, male) dragon conquers the white (Ida, female) dragon, highlighting the tragedy of the Grail story. The original wound to the system was the loss of Bacchus, our “male” Sex Center, symbolically represented as the castration of our inner God: a grievous imbalance in the electrical nature of sexuality, resulting in sterility (insufficient lust) and/or tyranny (excessive lust).

The old Grail mythos symbolizes the sterility as the Dolorous Wound “through the thighs” of the Fisher King, robbing him of his generative powers and resulting in the Wasteland. We can say that the Fisher King represents our Animus, our Christ, our inner God. After Bacchus was eliminated, the popular consciousness moved Jupiter up from Aquarius to replace Bacchus in Sagittarius; Saturn shifted from Capricorn over to replace Jupiter in Aquarius; and Uranus (if they were still aware of it) fell down from Pisces to replace Saturn in Aquarius: the whole resulting in a failure of the Sex chakra and misalignment of the Base chakra’s polarity, giving our animus, Christ, or inner God a sense of being castrated, “fallen,” and unrooted.

To make matters yet worse all the “female” planets, from Saturn on out to the “Moon,” were evicted from their proper chakras, resulting in a complete upheaval and denial — or exile — of our anima, Magdalen, or inner Goddess. The Grail mythos depicts this tyranny as the rape of the Well-Maidens — personifications of the chakras of our anima, Magdalen, or inner Goddess — resulting in their flight or exile from this world, turning it into a Wasteland.

Knowledge and application of the Rorian system may actually realign the macrocosm (wheel of the year) with the microcosm (our body), allowing us to restore our DNA to its immortal pattern by reuniting our inner masculine Christ and feminine Magdalen into an alchemical marriage, attaining the Grail and restoring Heaven on Earth.

With this system, we can also establish magical planetary symbols that actually make sense, as an ideographic mapping of their locations in our solar anatomy. Meditation on these symbols as Yantras may help the planetary chakras restore their proper functioning and blessings in our body and world.

The Four Equinoctial Planets of the Heart (Venus in Libra, Proserpina in Taurus) and Navel (Mars in Aries, Neptune in Scorpio)

A cross marks the center point, the Solar Plexus, where the vertical solstice line and the horizontal equinox line meet. A circle atop the cross gives us the male Heart Center — Venus. Turning this symbol upside-down gives us a circle below the cross for the male Navel Center — Mars. Like her converse (right-left) chakra-partner Venus, Proserpina has a circle atop a cross, but the cross’s arms now project posts downward: like an E rotated 90 degrees clockwise, or lying on its face, surmounted by a stem and circle. Turning this symbol upside-down gives us the symbol for female Neptune: like her converse chakra-partner Mars, a cross surmounting a circle, with the cross now sprouting two posts up from the ends of its crosspiece, forming a trident, like an E on its back atop a Circle and stem.

The Four Cross-Quarter Planets of the Throat (Mercury in Gemini, Isis in Virgo) and Sex (Bacchus in Sagittarius, Uranus in Pisces)

An upward crescent atop Venus’ cross-and-circle (heart) gives us the symbol for the male throat center, Mercury. Turning this symbol upside-down — a downward crescent added below Mars’ circle-and-cross (navel) gives us the symbol for the male Sex Center — Bacchus. For the female sex center, Uranus’ sigil, like Bacchus’, is also a Cross surmounting a circle, but instead of Bacchus’ crescent horns beneath we now have downward extensions of Neptune’s side-posts, so that Uranus’ symbol resembles an H bisected by a vertical center line atop a circle. In the throat center, as Mercury’s symbol is the inverse of Bacchus’, so the female Isis’ symbol is the inverse of Uranus’, and augments Proserpina’s symbol: a cross surmounted by a Circle, with the side-arms of the Cross extending posts both downward (like Proserpina) and upward, the sigil appearing like an H with a third vertical line up the center, surmounted by a circle.

The Four Solstitial Planets of the Base (Saturn in Capricorn, Jupiter in Aquarius) and Head (Moon in Cancer, Sun in Leo)

We build these symbols using a cross and crescent. This cross may originally be tilted, like an X, to represent the Cross-Quarter months of the Throat (Gemini and Virgo) and Sex (Sagittarius and Pisces), to which the crescents are added to extend to the Solstice months. Thus, Saturn would be an X with the lower-right arm (Sagittarius) sprouting a crescent sweeping right and down and left, describing a half-circle from Gemini (11) clockwise to Sagittarius (5), thus extending the X beyond Sagittarius to Capricorn. Jupiter would be an X with the lower-left arm (Pisces) sprouting a crescent sweeping back left and down and right, depicting a semicircle from Virgo (2) counterclockwise to Pisces (8), thus reaching behind the X’s Pisces to Aquarius. The Moon would be an X with the upper-left arm (Gemini) sprouting a crescent sweeping left and up and right, describing a half-circle from Sagittarius (5) clockwise to Gemini (11), the whole showing a movement beyond the X’s Gemini to Cancer. The Sun would be an X with the upper-right arm (Virgo) sprouting a crescent curving back right and up and left, making a semicircle from Pisces (8) counterclockwise to Virgo (2), thus reaching before the X’s Virgo to Leo.

Often these cross-and-crescents are reoriented to a traditional horizontal-and-vertical armed cross, with the crescent sprouting off the top or bottom of the vertical post. Thus male Jupiter’s sigil is a cross surmounting the left half of a circle; female Saturn’s symbol is the (right-left) converse reflection: a cross surmounting the right half of a circle. The female “Moon” has a cross surmounted by the left half of a circle; and — another converse reflection — a cross surmounted by the right half of a circle symbolizes the male Sun.

The Two Inner Planets of the Solar Plexus (Earth and Pluto)

In the Solar Plexus center (a cross within a circle), the male Earth is a cross surmounting a circle, with the top half of a second (larger, concentric) circle between cross and circle; the female Pluto’s sigil is the reverse, a 180-degree rotation of the same.

Meditation on these symbols may well help us to restore our inner Alchemical Marriage and remember the Grail. For more on Christ and the Magdalen, please see Margaret Starbird’s works, The Woman with the Alabaster Jar and The Goddess in the Gospels.

For a closer examination of the Nine Chakras, see The Nine-Chakra System.