102: The Rorian Tradition: Druidry, Paganism, Gnostic Christianity?

What is the Rorian Tradition, Anyway: New-Age? Hinduism? Theosophy? Druidry? Wicca? Neo-Paganism? Gnostic Christianity?

An Introduction to the Rorian Mysteries

Brightest Blessings of Love, Light, and Laughter!
Within the papers of these Archives, you will find concepts from all of the above traditions, and more! The Rorian Tradition is a Mystery School encouraging both (interior) Initiation and (exterior) Celebration through a rich calendrical liturgy which I believe may well be a re-creation or re-cognition of a universal Ur-Religion, and even an Ur-civilization.

As both student and teacher of the Mysteries, I believe firmly in experiential spirituality, and in a mystical substrate of divine experience that underlies, feeds and connects the best and most enduring qualities of all the great religions and civilizations. Ever since I was a small child, I have always studied and eclectically absorbed those elements that most inspired, uplifted, and grounded me: be they from the New-Age Movement, Greco-Roman Classicism, Hinduism, Theosophy, Norse-Celtic Druidry, Wicca, Neo-Paganism, Judaism, or Gnostic Christianity — that is, Mystical Christianity. Much of my early teaching, in my teens and early twenties, was inspired first by Edgar Cayce, then Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, later by Alice Bailey (channeling Djwahl Khul), and then by Sondra Ray and other Immortalist devotees of Babaji. Since my later twenties, though, I have been going directly to Source to uncover the exciting material I offer to you now. Much of this more current Work I believe to be largely the offspring of my relationship with the Avatar of Synthesis, with whom I began consciously working in early 1985.

For many years, I simply called my teachings and channelings the Canon, the Wisdom School or the Mystery School. However, by now there is simply too much original material — a kind of Unified Theory of Archetypes, embracing new discoveries in mythology, astrology, initiatory and liturgical calendar patterns, mantric science, the tarot, I Ching, dharma and the chakras, sacred geometry, earth matrices, and the grail — to go on calling my Work by a generic name. Nor can I simply credit God or the Avatar of Synthesis — though the inspiration be His/Hers, in coming through me the material is doubtless shaped and colored extensively by my own mind.  Likewise it would be unfair to any of my other teachers and their traditions to ascribe my thinking to them, or to claim a specious authority for my Work: rightly or wrongly it is my own, hence the Rorian Tradition. While I am infinitely and eternally grateful for all their immeasurable help, I alone am responsible for any errors of omission or commission my Work contains.

In naming it the Rorian Tradition, I am saying that this Work is the embodiment of my Self. But who am I? At my core I am — like everyone and everything — simply the Indescribable, the emptiful paradoxical THAT, impeccably profound silence with the dynamic love-light-laughter energy of a cosmic nuclear blast-furnace. On a more personal level, subtle (magical) science tells us our name is the vibration of our essence, and can reveal much of who we are. Rory means “the Red One” or “Famous Ruler” or “Lord of the Ring,” and (more evident in its original Welsh Rhodri or Irish Ruaidri) is apparently cognate with the Vedic Rudra, “the Roarer,” the prototypical Shiva. Rudra/Rory is the Red Hunter, the Spiritual Warrior and Lord of the Animals who embodies the Theosophical First or Red Ray of Divine Will, most evident in the planet Mars in our Solar System.  Theosophists tell us that the Manu administers this Ray, which flows through Divine Sovereignty into power-centers and power-structures on Earth. The Red Ray is particularly adept at destroying ignorance; like a sword of spiritual discernment it cuts through and dissolves forms which have become outmoded, stagnant or corrupt to prepare for the dawn of new life. (Indeed, that marvelous pre-dawn time which dissolves the 3:00-A.M. stagnation in a sweet thrill of transcendent bliss, and which has been called the “Hour of Brahman,” is actually the Hour — or literally Two Hours — of Rudra.) My other names — Milton (“place of the Mill-wheel;” poetically the revolving stars and planets) LeRoy (“the King”) Goff (“the Red”) IV (“the fourth”) — amplify and confirm my identity as manifestation of the Red King, the fourth planet of our Solar System: Mars, the midheavenly exalted ruler of my Western natal horoscope.

My name embraces primarily the Red, but also the Yellow and the Violet Rays. In my own Taurus-Equinox system, my natal Sun is in the Sun’s own (yellow) duodecile within (Mars’s) Aries — the Red:Yellow Solar Angel of the Lion, for which Rory itself is a valid mantra — while Mars is in Mars’s own (red) duodecile of Aquarius, the Violet Smith and Grail-bearer. And indeed, Goff means not only “the Red” (from Welsh Goch), but also (as Welsh Gof) means “the Smith;” Gofannon is the Celtic Smith-God who brews the Ale of Immortality and serves it to the other Gods. The Smith is the Lord of the Violet Ray of Alchemy: the Aquarian Ray overseeing the next 2,160 years, earth’s Aquarian Age. The Violet Smith sires his complementary opposite, the Yellow (Solar) Creator, as darkest lead is alchemically transmuted to brightest gold.

The Oxford English Dictionary tells us that Rory also means (or once meant) “dewy,” from the Latin ros, roris, meaning “dew, moisture, water, teardrop.”  Dew is traditionally the most sacred of fluids, symbolizing the light of dawn, spiritual refreshment, blessing, illumination, resurrection, and — as amrit or ambrosia — immortality. This dew of Solar Enlightenment and Immortality is identical to the Ale of Immortality brewed by Gofannon the Smith (father of the Solar Creator); does dew also relate to Mars or Rudra? Yes! As Mars/Rudra governs the two hours before dawn when the dew falls, we can say that dewdrops are the tears of Rudra. Rudra’s tears are well-known in Vedic mythology. The Utrasum Bead Tree (Elaiocarpus Ganitrus Roxb.) yields beads known as Rudraksha or “Rudra’s tears” which are particularly sacred and powerful when blessed and worn as a rosary by a devotee of Rudra/Shiva, the Lord of Transcendence. It is my earnest desire that these papers illuminate, inspire, and rejuvenate you as the sacred dew! I hope and pray that the Rorian Tradition will serve you as a rosary of Rudraksha beads, heightening your blissful enjoyment of your holy immortality, and deepening your understanding that you walk this earth as divinity incarnate.

Finally, Rory also means “noisy and boisterous,” as well as “loud or gaudy in color.” My relatives will gladly testify to my embodiment of the former traits since early childhood; it is not for nothing that Rudra means the Roarer or the Howler! Traditionally, the Red Ray of the Will expresses the Atmic Plane of Blissful Vibration, Magical Laughter or “Noise;” see the last two charts in The Days of the Week, their Planets, and the Chakras. And as for loud or gaudy colors? Since gaudy comes from the Latin meaning “joyful,” I will gladly accept these traits as well — the dew joyously catches the Sun and flashes the pure colors of the spectrum more brightly than any jewel; our blissful Body of Immortality is truly a Rainbow Body!

As the Red/Yellow Rory and the Red/Violet Goff, my Name and my Body of Knowledge embrace both ends of the spectrum from Red to Violet, and the Yellow Sun in their midst. I hope thereby to manifest eclectically the rainbow consciousness of the Avatar of Synthesis. In embodying this synthesis to destroy ignorance and provide the seeds of a new civilization, I am overjoyed to be serving not only the Manu as an embodiment of Rudra the Spiritual Warrior, but also the Theosophists’ Mahachohan in manifesting the Solar Creative/Imaginative faculties of Brahma the Creator. I am as radiantly and exuberantly Self-ish as the Sun; I teach by example and when I say “I” and “my Self” I assume you will understand this to mean your “I” and your Self as well, if the material inspires you and resonates with you. Despite everything I have said above about my Name, who “I” am truly matters not at all; what matters is the divine “I” that I hope to stimulate or tickle in You!

It is not my intent to found a new religion, but rather to offer a Tradition which may serve as a capstone or arch between the various religions, that we may all meet in Unity. I invite you to take, use, adapt, and teach whatever portions of my Work may be of service to you, provided you credit your source!

Yours in Love, Light, and Laughter,

Rory Goff